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About monsters ONLY going after my bombs..

By Vanyr December 21, 2011, 05:51:36

Is there a reason for this? I can place a bomb right behind me, and instead of attacking me, it'll go behind me and attack the bomb. It makes fighting 4 mp things a pain. I'm only 11 though and i'm a pure Int build, so idk if this will change. But i thought mobs were supposed to IGNORE bombs? That and my bombs die really fast :s

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Try to capitalize on that AI to divert monsters attack away from you. Place 2 bombs, Fire bomb behind a water or air bomb (you are level 11 so I don't remember if you have other bomb at your disposal already though).

When I was playing an Int rouge, I equipped a +165 Gobtubby which increases my bombs HP to 45+ (enough HP to survive one attack from monsters my level). Maybe you should also try equipping vit gears.

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I have Grenado as well. But it's just the fact that i can't get any bomb built up to be worth a damn :S

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Well people always complain about rogues, and many of them in my server do not use bombs, but the ones I see using in youtube are awesomes, depressed with the update, I tried do a rogue while training my girlfriend three days ago, and it's SOOOOO fun!

You're level 11 right? I used adv at this level, so greenado will do a good damage, by level 10, i gone to the beach, there have all kinds of maps, you can train a lot of combos, but, if you're at any other place (such as incarnam) here is what i've done:

Put greenado at level 2, you can reset it for free before the level 30, so do not worry when you do not need it anymore, you'll just need it later, use it as your shield, you'll avoid a lot of damage, if you have at least another person to play with, it'll be easier to kill, I used kill boars in one blow, wait until you gain magnet, you'll be able to heal your bombs, it's awesome.

Right now, in level 25, i'm using a gobball set, use it all, you'll gain 1 ap and a lot of life, I do not use greenado to much now, its reseted, but, still, with 7 ap you can summon twice and detonate, it's easier to protect your bombs, kick them or switch places with them after summon a second or a third one, I kill gobball war chiefs in one combo, but remember, good fight is the one you win, do not get too addicted at combos like me, you may miss the chances to win it.

But, if the thing is just 4 mp mobs, just put explo at level 5 soon as possible ^^


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