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How to Play the Rogue Class

By ImaKitteh January 25, 2012, 23:26:29

So I quit Dofus for a good while and am just now coming back to it. The sweep/balancing tore everything I knew about classes apart. I like playing the rogue class now however, I need to know how to play a rogue. Most people say "do whatever works" or "whatever is best". I need specific tactics, spell point distribution, and characteristics.
I had a good 1-2mk before I quit but I really just want to make this character from scratch. (I'm absolutely horrible at sticking to a certain class/type of account with any game I play and this helps me stick with it.) So money...may be an issue. Most I'll have before level 50 or so is around 200kk-300kk.
I'm leaning towards int because of the power of pulsar and nice damage. However, with toady set and mtc (which I'll get later) I can deal serious damage and take away mp.

So that's it.
Thanks in advance!


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Your most important spells are bombs and kaboom.
For bombs you need to be damage orianted. Go single elementarist style. No wisdom, even if rogue got ap and mp remove. The ap and mp remove are not that constant and that big to favour a wisdom built. To make the best of a damage built, +linear damage increases the damage of the bombs most and hence a good rogue stacks them more than element. The reason is that the combo bonus increases the total damage of the bomb and not just the element.
A good rogue also want to stack a lot of vitality. The hp of the bomb increases every 5th vitality of the rogue. Do note that the 10 life gained each level is not vitality stats but life. The bomb is best used if you let it remain unused for a turn or 2. I usually aim to have at least 70 combo bonus before I detonate. With this kind of tactic, it surely becomes important with high hp bombs to able to survive a turn.

The rogue's ideal role is to be at the back row behind close combatant allies. The allies will lock the enemy in place and allow you to more accurately bomb the enemy. At the same time you are buffing the allies with combination of Kaboom spell and bombs.

The 2nd most important spells are Bombooto and Last Breath.
Needless to say how invaluable bomboot is for a Rogue. It gives more flexibility to pull and push from another position than the rogue him/herself are located at and he can place the enemy exactly at the spot.
Last Breath gives a lot of bonus for for only 2 AP. 150 combo bonus total. Enough said? No, it also gives 150% damage to your allies.

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I'm starting a rogue too and since it's a whole different class i've been playing it slowly with my girlfriend, and it's probably the most fun class i ever played!

So you mean that +Damage has never been so much useful than %Damage (element and bonus, not the bomb's) as now. I didn't know the combo calculation is based after the bomb's original damage, now it's much more logical than what I thought it was, o.o Seems it'll be fun to create a set for her XD


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