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My experience as a rogue

By ArtfulCoder - SUBSCRIBER - February 27, 2012, 20:10:59

I have been playing an intelligence rogue for a month now, and have been enjoying the incredibly tactical nature of the build. In PVM, an int rogue is fun and can produce some incredible damage (at level 70, I was doing well over 750 with a good combo, and slaughtering kanis and blops by the dozen).

After starting PVP with him, though, I quickly realized that bombs do not have nearly enough HP to make them worth using, except as a distraction. I can generally force an opponent to waste 2-3 AP eliminating the bomb. Pulsar is virtually useless since it wastes all MP for the round, which in PVP is essentially suicide.

I switched to agility, lowering my bomb damage to a max of 200 (each) on a good combo and doing perhaps 150-175 per hit with Carbine, which has a strike pattern that is difficult to master (because it is counter-intuitive). I have some excellent map manipulation spells, but all of them are expensive compared to other classes' equivalents, except for boombot, which makes up for the AP it costs.

Playing an agility rogue feels like playing an extremely limited enu or int-based eca. I do roughly the same damage as a low-level int ecaflip, but with linear (well, diagonal) range and no hope of dropping to 3 AP on my main attack spell (like an int eca). And without long range, low AP support spells like WoF and Acceleration. The AP cost of using bombs with overload or kaboom is plain prohibitive.

I'm starting to get a bit disparaged about the class. I think I am likely to switch back to int, because agi is depressingly weak, and chance does not appear to offer anything better. Honestly, the only strong point for rogues is the high caps on stats, which is what makes my int damage so high.

Perhaps I'm missing some important aspect of rogues. Personally, I think that bombs need a real boost - higher base damage (perhaps in exchange for some of the damage boost) and the ability to cast at least 2x per round per element. Otherwise, rogues will never be strong enough to be used except by those who are so amazing at pvp that they enjoy the challenge of playing a consumate underdog.

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I belive that Rogue is a very tactical class and so you'll need to be playing tactical expecialy in pvp
I also see that int are the strongest at dealing damage so if you feel like going back i belive you should....

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