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By kaiokesks - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 15, 2012, 18:04:55

Ok so atm im a Cha/Agi rouge, and just getting this out there >.> I WILL NOT be going full agi like the masses. I like my cha build and the occasional ap that it takes in the process. I do fairly well for myself in pvp and I'm the bomb (hehehe) at pvm

So now about the char, I'm 124, 200 base cha, 157 base agi. Don't have anything scrolled yet.
My set (for 125) Is as fallows
LV 100 Ginger/Em drago
Ammy: Spring leaf : 67 vit 48 cha 50 agi 1 ap 2 range and +10 damage
Hat : Bimd'Oue Hat: 146 vit 40 cha 37 agi 17% power 3 crits 1 summons 19 pros 252 Ini 6% fire rez 3 fire rez
Shoes: Sandal Titude: 174 vit 49 cha 43 agi 32 wis 1 mp 15 pros 6% nert rez and 7% earth rez
Ring 1: Gelano: 1ap
Ring 2: Dragon pig ring:60 vit 28 str 30 cha 29 agi 21 wis 5% power 3 crits 5 damage 135 ini
Belt: Ditchy Belt: 194 vit 50 cha 50 agi 20 pros 5% neut res 6% earth res 6 neut res 13% trap damage 17 trap damage

Weapon: Axle (7-13 water damage but i never hit with this thing) 42 Vit 25 cha 3 crits 1 ap 1 summons 3 damage
(i have a cawwot and kalip dofus too atm)

So my main questions are should i stick with the agi/cha build or just go back to full cha
ANNNND if i should go back to full cha whats the set i should get?
If i stay Cha/agi is this the best set?
Because if i go back to full cha i'll take out the agi i have and toss it into my vit for my bombs

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Oooooph. Agility/ Chance not my best build to help with... Nice pun by the way, Also. Stay agility/chance. If it's not broken dont fix it. that set seems great to me. Good vit/agi/cha, Kind of hard to find. At 160's you should go for mopy king sovereign set. That's all i really know for cha/agi. I'm not good with hybrids unless it's cha/wisdom.

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I have a cha/agi rogue alt and I made him pure wis untill his endgame set at 188 ( korriander set ). He has 876 wisdom in his wis set and has 700 wisdom in his damage set ( which has 330 chance and 340 agility ) so maybe you should just level up untill mopy set ?

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It seems good to me, everybody is talking about mopy, and they're right, but, like someone said, "

If it's not broken dont fix i"
I just think
a mastralis to get more range, and wisdon to take either AP and MP, I wanted do this build but int/agi (ceremonial set) is calling for me.

Some extra AP could do well for hybrids, if you do not use much your weapon try a limbo until you get a better one, your combos will go easier, and if you enjoy glyphs, release will put your enemies in the glyph again.

Good luck ~
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Cha/agi Rogue is really nice actually, you should get good wis and good ap and mp reduction ability because you will need to ap and mp steal via your bombs. Your set looks all good.
Good luck smile

- Detonation

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