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Let's talk about Rogue's Variants.

By InkSix - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 12, 2017, 08:07:59

Let's talk about Rogue Variants.

In this topic, I would like to show you my point of view about the Rogue Spell variants and give you my suggestions to make them better and worth taking.
If you are a Rogue main like me, you already know that most of the variants are simply not worth taking. Some of them are variants of core spells, while others are simply not good enough.
I will not talk about elemental spells because I think most of them are OK (except for the Earth ones which I haven't tested yet). Instead, I'll talk about the utility spells that are probably the most important spells of a Rogue.

Fuse: Makes all the caster's bombs explode.

So for 1 AP you can trigger bombs that are inaccessible. But how often this situation happens? Not a lot.

So my suggestion to make this spell worth taking instead of Detonator is to give a % detonation bonus to all bombs it triggers.
You will lose the versatility of detonating a single bomb and easier combo setups in exchange of explosion damage. I wouldn't mind if would cost me 2 APs instead.

Ruse: Moves the caster closer to the targeted bomb.

This is a spell that is very interesting and very well thought but it was included along with Kickback.

This a player movement spell, not a bomb manipulation spell, so instead of being a variant of Kickback, this could be a variant of Dirty Trick.
Would you exchange one of your best combo setup tools and player movement spell in exchange to move around the map more freely and more often? Well, I could make it work.

Strategy: The targeted bomb teleports to its previous position.

There are some neat tricks you can use to make use of this spell, but they all seem too hard and little rewarding.
The main use of it I think it is to undo what your opponent did to your bomb on their turn, like pushing them far away, for example.
But there's one problem: You cannot use it on the bomb that is too far away because it has 6 range!

So my suggestions are:
Make it a Kickback variant. Let's just place bomb manipulation spells together so you can at least have an option.

Also, make its range significantly higher and without line of sight and double it's AP cost.

Megabomb: Places a controllable Megabomb that inflicts Neutral-type damage. Its damage increases each time it devours a bomb. It triggers the other bombs when it explodes. It loses 1 HP per bomb devoured. It explodes if it dies.

Another interesting spell placed along with a core spell, Boombot.
At its current state, it is definitely not worth taking. While Boombot is one of the best manipulation spells in the game, Megabomb offers you damage. But how much damage? Not enough.
Even if you treat it like a Xelor's Syncro and buff it out of LoS to make it grow, it is just not worth the effort because the explosion damage is too little. It is slightly higher than a common bomb fully buffed! Of course, it has the ability to move around while it's not full and some cool single target spell but you cannot use it to damage your opponents because it has 0 MPs.

So my suggestion is to make its explosion damage much higher, make it have 3 MPs (think Kamikaze Doll) regardless of how many bombs it has eaten, remove its resistances and part of the HP grow when it eats a bomb.

Magnetic Trap: Places a trap that attracts bombs and triggers them.

It seems to me that these variants suggest a new Rogue archetype, one that instead of making huge explosions, they make small explosion more often. And I always wanted to play Rogue this way.
Magnetic Trap could be a very interesting tool for this kind of play style but it has way too many flaws.
It's attracting radius is too small. If your opponent is in a 2 radius cell of a bomb, you can just use other spells like the Magnet to attract them and detonating them. Also, you can't really use it as a surprise element (It's an invisible trap!) because your opponent will know that it is very close to one of your bombs. So there's no surprise at all.

My only suggestion for this spell is to make its attracting radius 1 cell larger.

Fulmination: Inflicts damage in an area of effect for each type of bomb present on the field and makes the bombs explode.

Not much to say about this one. I would like to make this spell work in an archetype where you explode bombs more often.

Walking Bomb: Summons a controllable bomb that can obtain an element by targeting an elemental bomb. At the end of its turn, it dies and places a bomb in the corresponding element. It dies after 2 turns if it has not obtained any elements.

Simply great. One of the best combo enablers. Leave it how it is.

Imposture: Switches places with the target. If it is a bomb, increases its combo by 40%.

This is also great. It is very viable in its current state.

Something else that I would like to mention is the fact that the Earth bombs also gives you Power bonuses while in Kabum state, just like the Fire bomb. So why not give another bonus for one of these two bombs?
% Health shield would definitely fit the Fire Bombs while leaving Power bonus to the Earth bombs.

So, that concludes my list.
While some variants are simply great, some are very lackluster and definitely need some changes to be viable and create a new archetype.

If you are a Rogue main, please leave your suggestions. Who knows Ankama might read this topic and make a few changes.

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i agree with all of these the variants are so bad i only use one of them and that's the walking bomb 
it feels like ankama diddn't really care about rogue's because there arent many people playing the rogue class. anyway i really agree on all of your points 

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