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Class Improvement - Rogue

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:58:52

This topic is intended to gather your ideas and suggestions on improvements to the Rogue class.
Please, keep in mind that class balancing focuses on both PvP and PvM at once.

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Overall, you see Rogues as an agreeable class to play that is viable in both PvP and PvE. Only the water mode is pointed out as not viable in PvP.

In the forums:
Many of you asked us to not simplify the gameplay style for the class. Overall, the class seems to meet your expectations, even though a few changes were proposed regarding bombs.

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Rogue is my main class so I'll try to explain my point of view about Rogue overall:

1. Bombs - They need more survivability. It's so easy to take down bombs on higher levels. Remission is helpful of course, but giving them a little bit more HP wouldn't be a harm.
2. Latent bombs - it feels Latent bombs are just filler spells. I didn't see much Rogues using those variants. Perhaps I haven't seen much enough.
3. Strenght build - I guess this is the least used build of all four. Int offers damage, Agi/Cha gives you ability to rape mp/ap. How about str? There's nothing special about this particular build, morever, in order to obtain earth damage spells, you need to give up Rogue's most fundamental utility/mobility spells. It's not rewarding enough for such price.
4. Gluing explobomb - really disappointing spell, completely not worth giving up on Pulsar
5. Magnetic trap - another filler spell, seems to be cool, but honestly there's no use for this particular spell. Managing to attract and explode a bomb is way easier without setting a trap. It's easy to predict the placement of the trap when it comes to PvP, as it's most likely in range of a bomb.
6. Overload - waiting 3 turns for -duration of effect and the must of explosion is so disappointing. Making this spell easier to imply would be really relieving. 

This particular class needs a lot of tactical thinking, understanding of maps and movement at all. It's really cool and fun to play, but sometimes it feels so frustrating when other classes like Cra or Iop deal similar/higher damage with simple target spells. Rogue needs couple of turns to set a battlefield for his purpose while other classes don't need anything and still can out-damage him. Also, destroying bombs is too easy. With his most buffed bombs being killed in one turn, Rogue becomes powerless. Pulsar damage is still lower than any 4AP skill of Iop, Cra or Ecaflip. 
Rogue is also a class that works on mid-range so this means he's vunerable for both cc and ranged damage. Extraction gives him necessary sustain, but when it comes to any other build, Rogue has no way to protect himself. 

Also, it's so painful that Boombot and Megabomb are variants, I'd loooove to keep those two at once, but I understand that it would be too much T.T 

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1. Agreed, bombs pop a little too easily if not completely hidden away in both PvM and PvP
2. Speaking from experience I use almost exclusively latent bombs in PvM. You get 3 bombs of the same element out by turn 2 and can stack a higher combo bonus faster. And if you're an Agi Rogue, monsters will just ignore the fact that the latent bombs exist, run into the middle of 3 of them, and then you get huge Cadence damage.
3. The Strength spells (specifically Musket and Weigh Down) are great because they send your combo bonus through the roof. Actually investing in Str, however, is absolutely awful.
4. Gluing Explobomb isn't great for Int builds, but for Agi or Cha Rogues who wouldn't be using Pulsar anyway Gluing Explobomb can be used with Fuse to either detonate all of your actual bombs for damage or to store AP for later use. Just stick a Gluing Explobomb on something with a spare 3 AP and cast Fuse on it the following round.

As for Pulsar, it's stronger than literally every 4 AP Eca spell if you haven't moved, even if the Eca crits and the Rogue doesn't. The difference is even more noticeable because Rogues typically go mono-element and a lot of Ecas don't.

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when masqs got a shield update, we should look at rogues so we can fix their bomb health per level like masqs

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The accompanying graphic allows us to view the results of this first survey for the Rogue class.

  • Dommages - Damage
  • Survie (soin, protection, et tanking) - Survival (healing, protection, and tanking)
  • Amélioration - Improvements
  • Placement - Placement
  • Entrave - Debuffer
  • Vision actuelle - Current vision
  • Vision idéale - Ideal vision

In red, you can see the ideal vision you have for each class role. The blue profile presents the current vision and feeling in the game.

Like most classes, Rogues have two similar (but not identical) profiles – the class as it is today is broadly in line with what players expect.

There are two very slight divergences – capabilities concerning improvements and preventing movement – that seem to be perceived as being marginally greater than what they should be. These divergences remain negligible and of little significance.

The diagram represents one of the elements taken into account upon reflection; your comments allow us to provide a more-concrete vision that is closer to the in-game reality.
We'd also like to remind you that in order to solve perception divergences, nerfing and upping aren't the only tools we have at our disposal.

You can see the class comparison on the main topic.
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Okay so after a ton of thought, I’ve got a great idea for a little re work. Every single player agrees that the variant of Walking bomb (Overload) is garbage. I say you swap the variant with Megabomb. So you can have either Megabomb or Walking bomb. This doesn’t really effect Megabomb players as they don’t really use Walking bomb at all, and they get a little buff being able to push there Megabomb around with Boombot now (assuming you have the + summons for it).
Now the fun part, with boombot now having the variant Overload, I say we completely change the spell to a Summon just like boombot. However, this boombot doesn’t push and pull, it swaps, shields, or detonates bombs. This adds a different play just like magnets variant did. This adds more depth to the play style, and allows Rogues struggling to keep a bomb alive another option for shields (although costly, 4AP and you waist the cool down for best bomb moving spell just for bomb survival )
Let me know what you guys think!?

Hey I thought of another fun Idea. How about an Omni Elemental Bomb? It could hit like 4-5 in Intel Air Chance and Str. (16-20 total). Maybe it could buff and debuff +damage kinda like the fire bomb but not %power just +damage. Idk, I just think it would be so cool to see Rogues be actually usable running Omni. 

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Overall, you see Rogues as an agreeable class to play that is viable in both PvP and PvE. Only the water mode is pointed out as not viable in PvP.

In the forums:
Many of you asked us to not simplify the gameplay style for the class. Overall, the class seems to meet your expectations, even though a few changes were proposed regarding bombs.

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I have played Rogue sense the day the class came out. It is my only level200 character and I love the class. I agree that it has some worthless spell variants and I would love if they gave us some omni spells just please don't nerf us anymore! I'm still bitter about losing the original bomb wall that blocked line of sight. Considering the fact that rogue is probably one of the hardest classes to play, it would be nice if we were equally hard hitting.

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Hey! I thought of another great idea! How about we try making Latent Bombs invisible until they spawn! We should at least test it! What do you guys think?

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That sounds like itd be pretty broken OP in pvp at the moment.

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