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Improvements For Bomb Placement & Ap Cost?

By Gaurdvior December 16, 2010, 23:52:53
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Smallminded|2011-04-17 21:50:59
Indeed Rogues are very strong at the moment.
Though good strategy is required, I can one hit Royal gobbal with my Lv 7x rogue now.

It does require like 6turns to set up this combo but it will be awarded.
And while you wait for the mobs to get to the bombs you just spam Carbine (or whatever spell you use, I'm agility).
I have a 5x rogue and i'm killing royal gobbal easy as pie atm too.

Problem is at higher levels monsters will one hit my bombs and just destroy them all the time meaning my combo wont work.

Rogue works well early game against weak monsters but mid-game, lategame he is most likely going to be really weak compared to all other classes. And on top of that atm he is unplayable in pvp.
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I feel like that too. They should at least have a class set part that let's them have more bombs. Let's hope that theyr'll be an update for bombs.

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