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Question About Weight/Exercise.

By WHOATEMYTOFU#5416 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 05, 2017, 06:42:54
Okay so i was wondering what this sounds like. I used to be 350lbs (down to 215). I try to not eat much usually 600-800 calories a day. or less as long as i can burn it off. I was wondering if i somehow have a eatting disorder o.o?. Also i would like some suggestions on how to lose more weight! And what eatting etc. I work at retail at the moment (first job) So i do a lot of walking around usually 9+ miles a day.
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Hello, i'll try give you some advice. Whilst i've never been over weight i am fit and know a fair amount keeping fit/loosing weight. There is tons of amount of information on the internet on losing weight, however i'll try answer your questions directly.

Firstly, congratulations on losing , you are on the right path. However, 600-800 calories is way to little. You can not sustain that type of diet and remain healthy. I will try to explain this is in the most simplest way i can. Calories in vs calories out is the main goal when losing weight.

Maintenance level - The amount of calories you need to survive ever day (you body burns calories for everything you do)
Surplus - Eating more calories than you burn will lead to an increase of body weight (if you eat more than you burn, those calories will be stored as fat)
Deficit - Eating less calories than your body needs (your body will turn to burning fat for those extra calories it needs to survive)

You need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. Period! If your maintenance level is 2500 calories (average male) you simply need to eat less than that. However this does not mean it is ok to eat 1000 calories since you think you'll lose weight quicker. Whilst at the start it will be somewhat effective, prolonged periods of time with such low caloric intake will be detrimental to you and can cause harm. You only need to eat about 500 calories less than maintenance to lose a decent amount of weight a week and remain healthy. Google BMI/caloric calculator to get a better idea of what your caloric intake is

You can do be in deficit be simply eating less, or you can combine it with exercise. Doing exercise means you can afford to eat a little bit more because you'll be burning extra calories.

My advice is this. Start by eating healthy. This means cut out ALL junk food, pizzas, take outs, pop drinks etc You don't need to have a salad for every meal, you need a balanced meal. Try to eat more smaller meals more often, every 3 hours if you can. Take a packed lunch to work to stop you from eating out. Keep it simple. Each meal should contain Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats (fats, are not bad! This is what most people don't understand). Without going into to much detail, try to have some meat, rice/potatoes/vegetables with every meal.

Losing weight can be difficult, but once you fix your diet, after the first few weeks it becomes easier. However this is only if you have a balanced diet and you are eating the right amounts of food. 'Diets' are not the answer in my opinion. A 'diet' may lose you some weight quickly, but will not fix anything in the long term. You need to fix your DIET. Fix how you eat and what you eat, and the rewards will come (hope that makes sense since the word 'diet' is used as two things).

On the subject of having an eating disorder, you may think you need to eat very little calories to loose weight, but as i previously explained you do not. Do not feel bad for eating, you need food to live. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day, this may help since you don't see yourself eating a full plate.

Feel free to ask more questions, ill do my best to help.

TLDR: Eat healthy, eat the right amounts (500 calories less than maintenance), do some exercise
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9 miles walking at a time is really hard. Even I can't afford that. For me I walk about 2 miles to reach at my job place.
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