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Year of the Rooster! Happy New Year!

By lovehy5835 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 27, 2017, 16:31:45
Hello everyone! smile

I don't know if there anybody who celebrates Chinese new year in this game but it is the year of the rooster for 2017 and the holidays wub begin this saturday the 28th of January.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year according to the lunar calendar.

Greetings, everybody!
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Happy new year to you too! happy
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I don't celebrate any new year be it the solar calendar one or the lunar calendar one, and the whole idea of new year's resolution is idiocy because most people never follows through with it. Generally, time itself is an illusion so damn well happy new year dood happy

Ah ha, and birthdays too...don't celebrate birthdays. When you get older, you will learn the truth about life and know that with each birthday you are closer to your imminent death so there's nothing worth celebrating about that. laugh

@lovehy5835 So what you eating for new year then, same old same old?
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Score : 3044
MadSock, you got it all wrong. One does not celebrate getting closer to death. One celebrates having avoided it this long. Besides, why turn down a widely accepted excuse for cake and presents? laugh
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Though 3 months already over. However, 'happy new year'
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