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World of Twelve to Reality

By MadSock#9065 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 31, 2017, 22:42:27
This topic doesn't really have a thread title. I was discussing the geography of the World of Twelve with another player in-game and it just came to my attention that the World of Twelve resembles the real world geographically in a lot of ways. I feel like I am treading on dangerous grounds with this but it is a honest dare from my in-game friend. I have read the TOS and reviewed what I have written and believe I am in no violation of rules or at least any transgressions to be found is of minor extent. Forgive me for being forward, and of my honesty. Nothing I say is with ill-intention.

I sincerely apologise for this Izmar but truly deep down I love you.
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Here are some of my impressions.

Pandala: Feudal Japan with samurais and tanouki
Moon Island: Asian island nations with tropical plants and animals.
Sufokia: I think it represents the lost city/continent of Atlantis.
Cawwot Island: To me it represents planet Vegeta from the Dragonball Z universe originally inhabited by the intelligent Tuffle (foux) but was later taken over by the brutal Saiyans (wabbit with their kamehameha).
Cania: Middle East?

Amakna: America (Captain Amakna = Captain America).
Otomai: Seems to be Eden, the secret garden where the Yggdrasil (Tree of Eternal Life) can be found.
Kwismas Island: North Pole

Vulkania: Based off the fictional island from Jurassic Park.
Owhymi: Wyoming, dessert landscape with cowboys.
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Here are my impressions



Pandala=East Asia


Depths of Sufokia=Atlantis

Cania=Central Asia

Owhymi=Wild West in one part and Ancient Egypt in another


Kwismass Island=North Pole


Brakmar=Alternate Evil Version of France

Sidomote= Anatolia and some Forested areas of Western and Central Europe

Koalak Mountain=The jungle part of Australia

Moon Island=Polynesia

Vulkania=Jurassic Park

Fleaster Island=Easter Island

Minotot Island=Minotor Maze

Otomai Island=The Caribbean

Orado Island(Dofus Touch Location)=El Dorado
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