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Rotating heroic servers

By sjoerd-skil#5309 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 16, 2021, 19:53:04

The most fun I have experienced on dofus in the longest time was when the heroic server Thanatena came out it was hype everyone started at zero and alot of people were playing! I was wondering if ankama couldn't make a new heroic server and delete the old one ( like they do with the temporis servers ) every month or every other month I would play the sh** out of that. This consept is seen back in other games aswell like RUST where every week the server resets so everyone starts on 0 again it keeps the game fresh, fun and alive! I really hope that ankama would implement this one day for dofus but instead of every week a bit of a longer time period.

Anyways I thought i'd share my thoughts.

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Well they do have the Temporis servers every once in a while, which I believe lasts for a month/few months.  But I agree..I don't see why they can't just make some of the Temporis servers heroic to make it more fun.  I mean it's not like people will be super bummed if they lose their character and gear because they lose it anyway.

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Yhea I wonder if there is a logistical problem to it or if they just dont care about people having fun hahaha.

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I think it would be very good for the game and it would be very populated which brings in money for ANKAMA

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