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Consider removing class items from kolosseum

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - June 10, 2022, 12:21:25
Group Kolosseum has always been dominated by people trying to earn a quick buck, but lately it has been very bad. In my humble opinion it all boils down to the usage of class items in kolo. Lately I have running into a lot of panda/cra/enu, panda/cra/feca, or iop/enu/panda teams. These teams abuse class items to oneshot someone t1 so the fight is immediately over. This of course, discourages good gameplay and it really is not fun to play against. It is also very hard to come back in the fight even if you survive t1 because of the class items. Panda is the main culprit, stabilization, vulnerbility and karcham are way too unbalanced for pvp when used with class items.

A lot of players, myself included want to see this playstyle removed from the game. Luckily there is a simple solution, remove class items from kolo, this way people can still play them in pvm. They are not allowed in official tournaments such as KTA, so why would they be allowed in kolo, which serves as practice for KTA or other tournaments. By adding this simple rule kolo would be 10x more fun as over half of the teams I see in group kolo consist of some quick oneshot mechanic.

This of course doesn't help the underlying issue that enables this playstyle, which is the amount of damage spells/weapons do. A lot of players have actively complained and asked for a damage reduction on all spells. I think removing class items goes a long way to combat the current state of kolosseum, but I would like to also point out the 'no brain just rox/full dps meta". I hope Ankama could one day look into it, as dofus lately has not been as tactical as it was before.
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They could increse the max vit on items aswell as they increase normal stats like str or int on base equips take spylling ring a ring giving 60 stats in 3 elements is super OP compared to old lvl 200 sets so if they increse normal stats they should increse the vit aswell and not make max on 505 smile 
+ raise the max % res to 60 now that they increase the other stuff ^^
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If class sets are banned in offiical tournies then they should remove it from kolo.
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