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Terrible Disaster

By tayathesummoner September 19, 2010, 09:23:29
In my homeland, Slovenia, we have heavy rain. For the past 3 days it's raining pretty bad.
Flood, earth avalanches, cellars under water...

It was never this terrible here. The last time it rained this heavy it was about 25 years ago + it didn't do this much damage.

Some places have a critical status. At the moment, where I live, the South-East part of Slovenia, it's the worst. We live in a part where 2 of the most important rivers come together and continue their way in Croatia all into Danube. Where I live, it's the last part where the waters stop. So we're the most critical point to the end.
Luckily, I live on a hill and the water would need to get at least 10m more on height to reach us. Since we don't have a cellar we don't have a problem. Also I can exclude and earth avalanche which would take our house away, because our house is build on a huge living Cliff.

But, others have many problems. The raining is going on and some have their houses under water, some already lost their homes and some refuse to go into a hotel where they have a critical point of earth avalanches and destroying everything that is there.
The possibility of those people to lose their lives is high.

We hope that the rain stops soon and the rivers get back to normal also.

Here some links of news from the terrible disaster (they are in Slovenian):

Pictures made from my terrace:

The river flows between those red lines, now it went pretty far.

The red circles represent where there usually is no water, there's meadow where horses and cows are (now it's under water - hope the cows and horses are alright)
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wow... thats... major.. i am now really glad i live in england.. worst we get is like.. 5 inches of rain at the worst.... i feel really sorry for you taya...
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Wow i've never seen so much rain in my life.
Glad i live in Holland
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Score : 2436
- one of the railways bridges was destroyed
- a smaller bridge was destroyed
- a part of fast road was destroyed
- the rivers are calming down

The rain stopped. But the danger is still here.
The danger spread in Croatia and they have ene bigger problems.
Animals had to be saved with a boar (goats, sheep,..)
Luckily, as far as I know, there were no human sacrifices.
Cities, towns under water (critical): Loče, Krška vas (5km away from my town), Kostanjevica na Krki, Vipavska Dolina, Novo Mesto, Ljubljana (it's bettering) and some more
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