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The object to your left

By ankion September 23, 2010, 03:17:08
I saw this kind of topic on a few other forums so I decided to post it on CF. Then I decided to post it here as well, since these forums are a LOT more active than CF

So... onto the main topic

The object to your left will be your weapon of choice for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, what is it?

For me it's a soda can... I'm screwed
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Homemade throw pillow -__-"
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My cat....
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A table? A piece of paper? A CD case? The table is closer, but the table cloth is technically even closer.
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Oamoka|2010-09-23 01:05:00
A table? A piece of paper? A CD case? The table is closer, but the table cloth is technically even closer.

I guess you could strangle the zombies the table cloth biggrin

Wait do they have to breathe....?
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A wall. :1
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An empty tissue box. Now how is that going to work?
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My phone, SE Xperia x10 mini pro with 8GB USB attached to the phone.

I'll use my throw ability and hit people on the head xD
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A book called "Four Continents".

Yes, I'm sure my literature text will be so helpful against a horde of undead. Assuming I'm still alive.

A chainsaw.
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A chair.
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That would depend on how I swivelled my chair ....

Sitting angled at keyboard : my pc tower on top of which is : two spectacle cases with specs, a clipboard with paper and pen, a spindle of blank CDs, 3 full cigarette lighters and a pack of cigs. biggrin

If I face the doorway (swivelling to my left 90 degrees) probably the way they would enter : a tower of boxes containing : wallpaper steamer, steam cleaner, pressure washer, elelctric hedge trimmers, and a vacuum cleaner ! XD 4 gang sockets within .5m

A veritable arsenal ... don't worry world, I'm safe ;p All around to my place for safety!

I hope the electric grid holds out.

ps. In the process of clearing junk from my tools storage area
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*sigh* A usb cable :S
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My Wlan router... IM GONNA MISS IT
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ah teaspoon.. maybe i can pierce the zombies throat with it or sometihng
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My Telephone .

Take that Mister Zombie !
I will send you a very harsh SMS and enter Facebook at same time !

Damn , I am screwed too biggrin
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Hmm.. I have the source of life now!!!
They say, undead dies if you use revive/life on it xD
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or it brings them back to life? unlife? redead? D: my head hurts
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My roommate. :/

I guess I could swing him around by his leg like a flail. Although he is heavier than me, so maybe I should cut off a few body parts to lighten the load.
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You could also use the body parts xD THROW ABILITY!!!
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A fax machine... oh well, atleast I can hit the zombies with it... or, I know, use throw ability...
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