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Masq endgame

By Cute-Fire - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 14, 2014, 08:51:35

I am making a new masq, currently 139 but should reach 199 pretty soon. Since I took a 3-month brake from dofus, and a lot of new sets came into the game since then i am not sure what is best to use for my masq.
Currently I have these accounts subbed:

200xelor int
200 panda cha
199 fogger int
199 rogue agii
199 iop str
139 masq ??

I am looking for a 12-5/6 set for lvl 199, without expensive exo's or ap dofusses etc. (can afford most other things)
Anyone good idea's?

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I would make it agility with 200 base agility to be honest. If you scroll up that will give you a 200 agility 900 vit base. The agility to help with dodging & locking and the vitality for the awesome shields. You also seem to lack agility / chance dmg in your team setup so it can help with that aswell.

Here's a quick little set i made: Click here

around 5000 hp
around 800 agility
10/5 with an agility maged thunderbuff
no exo's or ap dofuses

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Tnx for your help, but the link isn't working for me, could you repost it?

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