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Help on building a Masqueraider

By icefoxBR December 07, 2016, 23:16:25

Hello everybody.
I played Dofus a long time ago, something around 5 years and I just returned to the game, but at this time my wife came with me. She liked the Masqueraider class and choose this one. I have no idea on how to build a nice Masq and need some help.

1) Where to spend characteristic points? I was leveling her as an Agi character and here's where I think I made a mistake, I spent every points on Agi. I was studying the class a little more and noticed that Vit is the most important attribute. She's now at lvl 76 and has 213 for Agi and 36 points left (the other attributes is 0). As I saw on internet, it seems that str/agi build is a nice one and I'm planning to reset her character to this build. Should I spend all characteristic points on Vit or something else (100 Str, 100 Agi and rest Vit for example)?

2) Is this build (Str/Agi) a good one or I'll regret on doing it?

3) My character is an Ecaflip 177, any tips on where I can help her level up? At the moment I'm leveling at Cania Fields (starred mobs).

4) Which idols should I use when leveling her?

Well, that's it for now. My main question is the first one, I really need an experienced Masqueraider's opinion on where to spend characteristics points.
Hope someone can gimme any help before my wife looses the interest on game, thank you for your your attention =)

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If your planning to go 2 element then 100 in each is ok. I would not recommend going 2 elements before 130 at least i feel like the dmg lost isnt really worth it. If your going on 1 element mask alot of people do 200 in stats and pump vit to have better shields. It really depends if you wanna be more tankie or dish out more dmg.

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