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Class Improvement - Masqueraider

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:58:48
This topic is intended to gather your ideas and suggestions on improvements to the Masqueraider class.
Please, keep in mind that class balancing focuses on both PvP and PvM at once.
Ankama intervention 2
Regarding Masqueraiders, while most modes are seen as fun and effective, the fire mode is described as weaker and less fun to play for both PvE and PvP. The air mode also received this criticism to a lesser extent. Finally, the water mode alone is not viable in PvP.

In the forums:
Many of you asked for more fluidity in using masks, especially at the first levels. In addition, you also think that the Iop water branch has a system that would suit Masqueraider gameplay well.
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Nice class lovely theme.
but i feel bad with one think - shield+dmg sharing summon synergy.. Also when i hit summon it doesnt break masq's ivory.. IT makes him immortal, also it let mask to sacrifice some res form set to pull up dmg and stil survie a lot. Hm.. Mayby u should add same shield delete mechanick like ougi have? But push is to easy here.. Mayby "summon give dmg sharing but when he get dmg by all 4 elements in 1 Tour he destroying his and mask shields".. Or
"sumons eating 2% of his and caster shield for each hit"
IT is hard to balans it without destroying "crown" of masq abilites - shielding system. But Mayby its worth to think about IT a bit.
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Score : 73
Saying this as a masq main.

Masq is at the moment at a stong point, altho i don't think its the dmg spells or the schields that is "OP" its the buffs the masq spells give to the other players ( Only in PvP tho ) 
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Score : 672
I feel that Masqs are fairly balanced in PvP as long as your team has Erosion. As a Pushback Ecaflip main I've never had issues with them, as I have Erosion and can ignore the damage sharing. I do think that the Summon is extremely difficult to kill, though. Perhaps prevent it from receiving shields, to give enemies a chance to focus it?
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Score : 54
Damaged dealed by hitting the summon, that shares damage MUST break ivory dofus effects. It seems to be just a bug.
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The accompanying graphic allows us to view the results of this first survey for the Masqueraider class.
  • Dommages - Damage
  • Survie (soin, protection, et tanking) - Survival (healing, protection, and tanking)
  • Amélioration - Improvements
  • Placement - Placement
  • Entrave - Debuffer
  • Vision actuelle - Current vision
  • Vision idéale - Ideal vision

In red, you can see the ideal vision you have for each class role. The blue profile presents the current vision and feeling in the game.

Masqueraiders seem to be unique in their category in the survey results – the class as it is today corresponds almost exactly to what players expect. There is no significant divergence between the ideal and current visions, based on the criteria measured here.

The diagram represents one of the elements taken into account upon reflection; your comments allow us to provide a more-concrete vision that is closer to the in-game reality.
We'd also like to remind you that in order to solve perception divergences, nerfing and upping aren't the only tools we have at our disposal.

You can see the class comparison on the main topic.
Score : 238
since everyone in the game gets a shield now, it feels like masqs identity is a bit blurred, not sure what the solution to this would be tho, also, it would be nice if ankama replied to these threads once or twice just to know we arent being ignored and put under the tabble of the french community.
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Regarding Masqueraiders, while most modes are seen as fun and effective, the fire mode is described as weaker and less fun to play for both PvE and PvP. The air mode also received this criticism to a lesser extent. Finally, the water mode alone is not viable in PvP.

In the forums:
Many of you asked for more fluidity in using masks, especially at the first levels. In addition, you also think that the Iop water branch has a system that would suit Masqueraider gameplay well.
Score : 2043
Please change the look of the Masks' summon. I looks like a giant clown head.
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In my opnion the masqueraider update should be arround his masks.
What I mean by this is make it so his elemental and support spells would change depending on his masks.

Plastron > Classic Mask ( Same (Shield in a 2 cell circle) / Psicopath (Shield twice the power, circle 1 cell, the zobal takes 50% more dmg from all sources) / Coward (Same power of Tortuga, resets his colddown to 1 turn) removing tortuga and trance from the game

Reinforcement > Classic Mask ( Range 1 - 3, Dashes towards the target + dmg ) / Psicopath (Range 1 - 1, Pushes the target 2 cells + dmg) / Coward ( Range 1 - 1, Dashes away from the target + dmg ) 

Make it so psicopath deals dmg while making him squisher , classic focus on entrave / team synergy and coward have all the means of running away from the target by pushing him away or pushing himself away, without having any ap removal, dmg removal, like he has now, the ap removal should be on the classic mask, mp removal on coward.

So he can be used at his full potential instead of what his mechanics are right now.
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Score : 2
First of all in my opinion the masq right now does make fun to play. It is the reason why I change from playing xelor main to this class. 

It is well belanced between his offense and defense. While it does sound nice, in reality it doesn't. Due to the fact that the class is balanced, it is not outstanding in any area. It can deal decent damage, but there are lots of other classes, which are more superior. It can cast helpful shields to sustain himself but more useful to support other, but nowadays a lot of other classes can cast decent shield as well, and  additionally some of them has access to heal themself more efficient than the masq. A major flaw is the fact, that you have to run an earth build in some way, because the other elements are either not efficient enough on their own or  just simply unplayable. 

Sure right now, you can have fun with the class , cause I surely do. Playing PvE is sometimes very challanging for me if I encounter mob with high res or immunity towards earth. PvP only viable playing in Team as support either for defense or offense while trying to keep up shield for teammates.  Personally for 1on1 I'm struggling hard on that, maybe due to my mediocre playstyle. 
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Score : 1
Can you explain me why Foggernaut are able to put same or more life shield than Masqueraider when the main characteristic of the masq si their shield....
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Score : 16
Instead using the mask to block his aces to some spells and limit his gameplay, maybe change the efects every spell have based on the MASK he has on.
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Score : 114
I decided to refresh this topic, but for a reason.

In my opinion something serious should be done with 3 masqueraider spells, which are completely useless, and makes there are completely no doubts which spell to choose:

1. Hysterical mask -> This spell is like completely useless while playing masq, even while being in full tank mode 6k+ hp. First of all, it is alternative spell to psychopath mask, which gives 10%melee damage. Psychopath mask also boosts allies damage, and it makes it become a great spell. There comes its varriant - Hysterical mask. It hits only 10%  of missing hp, so it will deal any damage only when masq has low hp, and can be possibly used few times in the whole game (because "you are almost dying" [or used "trance", but its another case]), and you must to be in close combat to make it hit. It does nothing to allies, instead it may hit them if they are in CC. Did anybody hit more than 200+ in a normal fight with this spell? I have serious problems with my 7k hp masq. Yesterday a huppermage laughed when my 7k masq hit him for only 100, because of erosion). I don't even mind a situation when opponent used erosion spell, and your maximal hp has been reduced drastically. Then it will hit nothing, when while using psychopath mask you would still have some good benefits (even if not you, then your allies). Well, while comparing benefits of both spells, hysterical mask is real crap. This spell should become boosted (20% of missing hp / or 10% of eroded hp. Both would be good and desired), and finally make it become a good variant, that would make a masqueraide think twice before choosing.

2. Transfiguration -> wow.... what to write there... it is an alternative to carnavalo, which is one of the most useful masqeraider's spells. It may give a lot of armour + push away + deal some serious damage. Very cool spell. Transfiguration gives -20% melee damage, or heals recieved reduced by 50% or range damage reduced by 20%, depending of current state. Its cooldown is.. 6 turns (less while changing masks, but still +/- 4). Do anybody ever used this varriant? While comparing to e.g huppermage who can give this kind of bonuses like every turn, and its varriant - carnavalo, transfiguration is a really bad spell, and may be hardly used. It should be changed to make it be a good alternative to carnavalo.

3. Apostasy -> after last update it started to repel instead of attracting (because of crowadly state characteristics bla bla bla). Well, please take a look at fire based masqueraider's spells. Parafuso 1-2 range, Inferno 1 range, Purgatorio 1-3 range. Tell me please then why would a fire masq want to use apostasy to repel himself instead of moving forward to enemy as it used to, when it can't hit from a distance and must get to close combat?? Maybe it is fine with "crowadly state characteristics", but it is completely incompatible with the other fire-based spells.
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Score : 353
1) Hysterical mask is very bad. I mean psycho masks 10% melee damage is too good to pass. It increases melee weapon damage greatly and your spells too. Also it buffs allies. Giving 10% melee damage bonus to any melee dps. Oh boy!
That damage from hysterical mask is joke. that 10% melee damage bonus adds more damage to your hits than what hysterical mask can ever do with all possible optimal setups.

Hysterical mask needs rework. It could be good if it did do 5% erosion around you or reduce enemy resistances by 5-10% per turn for 2turns (stacks 2-3 times) for example. Anything really could work.

Even simply having melee reflection damage would be better. Reflecting lets say 50% damage taken 2cell circle around you. (non shareable to allies) and allies take that damage too.

2) transfiguration is joke compared to carnavalo. You can use carnavalo in any mask having different bonuses. you can easily reduce its cooldown every turn even if you keep same mask. It has decent range in every mask. 200shield / 600 shield is very good with decent dmg and 1/3 push. It has shielding + dmg and positioning in one compact skill. too good to skip. If you play cowardly mask. Thats very good. as its also 1 range minium so you can use it even if enemy is hugging you. (cant use distance)

Simple rework would be that you turn this debuff into bigger debuff. -50% melee / range damage for 1 turn and maybe even give unhealable state.
Other option would be to turn it into buff instead. This would make Masquerader/zobal very good support. +10% melee damage or +10% range damage or +30%-50% more heals for 1 turn. You could combine this with masks ally bonus for extra 10% range/melee damage. It should also have 0 range so you could choose it for solo play too.

This would make you think twice which one you want.

3) Apostasy true. It should have attract or advance instead of retreating. I mean if you want to keep distance. You already have distance spell (cha) to push enemies.
But then again this also mixed if you think chance(water) path. if you play ranged (coward mask) you push enemies but while you use tanking masks(intrepid mask). You pull enemies and in melee damage masks (psycho/hysterical) you push+advance.

So i think it would be better to go along with those. Retreating is fine but it should also have pull in it. ie. Retreat 2 cells while pulling enemy 2-4 cells. Also range should be 1. This way you could retreat and pull enemy out of pack to single it out. Change to psycho mask / intrepid mask and hit it.

Also should add
4) Masks should not go into cooldown when you start turn in it and change into another mask. You should be allowed to go back to mask you started with.
For example if you have cowardly mask on. You change to interpid mask to shield or what so ever. Use mobility etc. Your cowardly mask also goes into cooldown. Even though you never used that spell. Each mask should have 1 cast per turn and they shouldnt go into cooldown like that.

Same is with start of the fight. You dont have any mask on but "pseudo intrepid" mask. You dont have intrepid mask on but you can use intrepid masks spells BUT if you use any other mask. Your intrepid mask also goes into cooldown.
You should be able to use lets say cowardly mask at the start of fight for utility and then change into intrepid mask.
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Score : 834
Hello Ankama, any plans you could share with us? You keep overworking rogue, but nothing changes with masqs. It requires an update ASAP!

Also, I didn't mention previously, that masquerade shouldn't be trance variant, so it's worth using high vitality/res equipment. There's so much potential for masq in making it an excellent vitality-based class (like sacrier used to before the unnecessary rework). 






Any reply would be much appreciated. Regards.
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Score : 233
tsk tsk
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Score : 603
Any response regarding masks? This class is so outdated… Most classes can shield almost the same as mask currently.
Double the masks shield or atleast make it so its not unbewitchable,
Hysterical mask needs rework,completly useless spell
Transfiguration mostly useless
Most of other spells need rework,
This class needs to get some mobility..
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Score : 6
I think the best Ankama can do about the mask mechanic is removing the requirement from spells to be cast while in a certain mask while adding bonuses ON CERTAIN spells depending on the mask used. I'll try to make a clear example: "Picada": 2-4 range 15 to 17 (Air damage) if in "Coward State" -> no longer linear, modifiable range, if in "Intrepid (or classic, whatever) state" range 1-4. I'd keep spells with modifiers only interact with 2 masks at the time. Still this way you can go full rotation without wasting Ap and so damage. Another Example might be "Furia" 21 to 23 (Earth damage) if in "Psychopath" +3-4-5 (Based on level) base damage (2 turns) max cast 2, if in "Intrepid State" can cast up to 3 times. And to make an example to a coward+psycho spell it could be Capering, retain the damage and range but if in Psycho moves to the targeted cell and deal damage in a cross and if in the coward tp to the opposite side and deal damage to the target. I'll add a pic for reference (If cast on 1 you would deal damage to 1 and tp to 2, if cast on x you would deal damage on x and tp on y)

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