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is anyone interested in helping a noob out?

By Poseidonm - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 12, 2018, 20:44:16

I was stuck on level 46 for ages and I don't fell like I'm making any progress.   I've tried completing as many quest as possible and as many achievements as possible (if you exclude the profession achievements) but I can no longer progress through the game without taking big risks and sacrificing my energy.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  On top of that I don't want to waste more of my subscription (it expires on 30 of December this year).

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first, you should get yourself a good set. You're still wearing mixed kids things.

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Some things you should look out for:

  1. Like you already said yourself, do challenges and achievements. Challenges against all type of monsters grant you achievements, which grant you really good xp. Also all kind of quest are linked to achievements, so you can get tons of xp from there, too.
  2. Look out for a guild. The more people you have you around you, the better. Make dungeons and achievements with them, and help your guild out if they need something. In exchange, they'll help you with leveling and dropping items for new equipment.
  3. Research on your environment. As I can see you're on echo, and you don't seem like the type of person who multiaccounts. If you only play on one account, I heartfully advise you to play on the Mono-Account-Server and to reach out to the english-speaking UNI-alliance and community. You'll have a hard time finding people willing to run stuff with a lowlvl character on a Server that is dominated by highlvl multiaccounters (multiaccounters are players who play several accounts at the same time, which is not prohibited in Dofus).
  4. What Princess-vonBrakmar said. Get yourself some new gear (like a Gobbal-Set for example). By doing achievements you'll get kamas on the side, which you can invest in your first real sets. Check the encyclopedia for sets and equipment, so you can get a rough overview of what could suit your character and playstyle. This should boost your dmg, hp, and (incase of Gobbal Set for example) even your AP and MP, so getting some good gear is the best long-time-investment you can do.
  5. Invest your characteristic points. A little example: let's say you use mostly fire-type spells. Then it would be best to invest your characteristic points in intelligence. Every point in intelligence will boost your spell-dmg for fire-type spells by 1%, meaning that with 100 points in intelligence, a spell that does 17-20 dmg in the spell description would now do 34-40 dmg (if you're enemy has 0% resistance against intelligence). As subscriber you can always reset your characteristic at any given point, so be free to experiment with your stats as you like.

One last thing: if you need advice (which we all need from time to time), be sure to post your thread in the right section. As your question is a beginners question, it would've been better placed in the Incarnam Inn wink
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