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Guild Tournament

By Twista648 February 10, 2014, 19:37:51

Hey everyone.

Ok, within my guild. we was thinking of an idea of what to do as a server. so we was thinking about a guild tournament.
i needed your opinions on this, it would try be a well organised event between the entire server to try make the server more fun and to enjoy pvp abit more.

for the tournament. werent sure exactly how to organise it so needed ideas on rules, fight sizes, gmt time.
and how the fights should take part. groups, points, by knockout. which maps do we fight on.

also wanted this just be for fun and no reward(tell me if u think different) to stop conflict between guilds.

also if u wanted it just to be end gamers or all levels so like 140-160, 160-180, etc

let me know what u think, on here or pm me in game Bald-Nutz

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Hey! there i have the best event! every one put some potions/food/adv sets/gobbal/prespic in your guilds bank!
And just SPREAD IT ALL FREE!! to every 1 in the server!! go to incarnam!! give them for free!! WONT THAT BE SUCH AN AMAZING FEELING!!
to know you made some 1's day the best it can be!!!
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I find it a really good idea, i think you must make pools with guilds, and order them in the average lvl of the guild. like if there are 100 players and they're very high lvl 180+ (as an example) you order them in lvl 150-200 guild. And the same for lower guild to recieve a price too.
I hope you like my idea,

Have a nice day - Ghost-Five

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