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For All Returning Players or Newbies!!

By SORA-THE-CHOSEN-ONE August 10, 2014, 18:00:13

Hello shikians!! biggrin

I would like to Welcome any Player new/old, returning or starting to shika and offer you an invitation to our guild called Carnage Reborn smile

we were an active guild called Carnage around 3 years ago but have since returned with renewed passion and spirit and would like to offer an invitaion to join us to help encourage and assist any genuine player looking for some friends or a helping hand. for the time being we are only a lvl 19 guild (and growing stronger) we have a few Veteran players who are always happy to provide advice or a hand to level or craft things smile

we are an English speaking guild and have an already well established guild forums, so dont feel shy as all genuine applicants will be throughly considered smile

Pm Arachaon or Lady-Jynxie in game for details or information, thanks for stopping to read!!

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I'm a returning player from a few years ago, had a lvl 70 sacrier but have forgotten all my login details. I'd love to join the guild just so I can help get back on my feet in the game again.

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