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Free Set for begginers of Shika!

By utouchmytralala - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 29, 2014, 21:27:28

YOU are the breath of fresh air to the world of twelve, YOU are the next generation of Shika, and YOU keep this game going.
Welcome to Shika! The reason I'm making this post is because i want to see more fresh meat in Shika. I'll be honest, it's hard now adays for a rookie to get started so I thought i'd give you rookies a little head start so you can join us in the kolloseum one day.
From here on out, all the sorry noobies that set foot on Incarnam of Shika will get a free Adventurer set. All you have to do is PM me, Soul-Screamer in game or message me to my ankama box and I'll come and find you.
I'm also always happy to give tips and answer questions about the game at any time! Have fun chasing Tofus all day, I'll be waiting for you in the kolloseum!

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Awh smile that's really nice of you, now you want me to get a character on shika xD and join you.
but sadly im terrible at making a new start ;v; since i spended 5 year just to be come lv 199 on my beginner server darkvlad.

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Héhé, i've done this for like a year weekly run trough incaram handing out stuff, but the last months i pretty much ended up with more stuff when i got back in astrub than i started with

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