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By DirtyMaGz November 10, 2014, 21:24:16

Hi there,

Just would like to start off by saying thank you for taking your time to read this silly question tongue.. I'm very much new to the game I started on Saturday and have been having alot of fun. I only have one problem i'm struggling to get Kama's and I cannot get the goball set or any other set. I was just wondering the sets in the Dofus Shop that you can buy are they worth anything. I have a level 38 Str Sacrier and probably have starting items hehe I know, its probably because I'm "newb" tongue I have got my farming up to level 30 and WOW did that take forever is there anyway I can make kama or use those Sets in the dofus shop. I am willing to spend a little bit of money in the Begining also if those sets are worth my money what set am I looking at because I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for all I know is that my Str Sac points have all gone into Vit. (I have been doing a little research). I hope that everyone has lots of answers for me hehe, waiting in excitement for all your replys biggrin 

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a)Sub with the dofus starter pack, you'll get subscription, a pet a random set piece and some ogrines you can sell on the ogrine market for probably about 2mk.

b)Farm wheat and sell wholewheat bread just keep a couple of batches up there(no one needs 10.000 :p) just add a batch or 2-3 to the market daily

c)Achievements and quests get you some kamas to start off with.

d)Right click on the item you like and check the recipe. Or right click on a material you have plenty off and check the recipes it fits into. It is probably better if you kill monsters and drop the materials and get a crafter than buying the whole set. (this will also give you nice profit if you sell it )

The dofus shop sets are more for looks and showoff there are plenty much better sets in the game you can get for a way lower price than you'd pay for the ogrines.

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Thanks alot NightShade for the response. I like the sound of giving the Mats to a crafter smile also I will try the Bread out. Hope you people are wanting some fresh bread tongue 

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Hey welcome dirty, Pm Locke in game and ill buy like 2k cereal bread off you if you feel like grinding baker hard xD

Also i can probably help you out with some lower lv starter items for free.

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