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Does Shika need a merge?

By Mitisukai - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 09, 2015, 02:42:24

For a while now, I've thought about how Shika used to be so lively a few years ago. However ever since the server transfer was released we are having a lot more people transferring out of our server than that we get of those transferring in combined with new players starting the game. For a while I have seen very little interaction in recruitment (except for general talk in Amakna village at certain times of the day). I've seen people recruit for hours and it's almost always either ended up as them getting ignored, taken advantage of or giving up.
I started out as a solo character that relied on other people to form teams but after a lot of trial and error just organising these teams, I decided to create my own four man team.
Because of this as well as other events over the years, it occurred to me that we might be better off with a merge.

Advantages of merging servers:
- More people available to form groups with.
- More items and gear available in the markets.
- More activity in Alliance wars.
- More player merchants will become available to browse.
- A larger community available to talk with.
- More people willing to participate in events such as Vulkania, Kwismas Island, Kralove etc.

Disadvantages of merging servers:
- The economy could temporarily be thrown into disarray. Prices of items would plummet due to more being available as well as more competition in the markets.
- Stars of mobs may become rare due to the large competition involved in hunting experience.
- Stars of gathering professions can also become rare due to more competition. Lumberjack and miner may seriously become affected by this due to the respawn time.
- Merchant spots may become harder to obtain.
- More guilds being formed, players may become more scattered accross a larger variety of available guilds.
- More chances of organised group controlling rare spawns such as Elm trees etc.
- Houses and paddocks will be reset to stop ownerships colliding.
- Possibly lose your character name as it may already be taken.

What are your opinions of the subject?

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Ankama do not merge servers... What they did for Ogivol Server (PH) was closure with auto transfer to a server of choice (majority choice which we opted for Solar).

Problem is, this process, if done for Shika would cause a lot of drama. Shika players will lose their house/paddocks/namerights. Ogivol players didn't lose house/paddocks since none of us were allowed to buy them.

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Yeah, unfortunately that's true.
Ankama also profit off the dying server since it would leave no choice for people to pay for multiple server transfers.
If losing my houses means I can become part of a greater community, then I'd be more than happy to.
Transferring is one of my last options, however. I have characters made just for the profession slots so it would mean paying a lot more than it's worth.
A total of at least 60000 Ogrines accross four accounts as well as losing all of my friends.
This isn't about me though, so I guess I can only hope for those with similar hopes.

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Coming from the Zato server i transferred years ago from Shika and have been here ever since. If you want to talk about dying servers look no further than Zato where items you may need no one is selling and you ave no choice but to craft what you need.
Me personally i like the challenge of being in a low populated server with a small alliance which does have many pro's but also many con's as well.

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Does Shika need a merge? No, because I don't think Shika players "need" to lose all their houses, be kicked out of their guilds, lose all their Alignment territory, be forced to change their names, and be stuck on an over-crowded server that they didn't choose (and where all the houses and Alignment territories are already taken, so they can't get those back).

If you want all that, then that's what the Server Transfer feature is for.

If you don't like living in a small town, then what you do is move. You don't ask the government to raze your town and dump you and all your neighbors into the middle of New York City with nothing but the clothes on your backs.

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