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Moving to Shika this maintenance!

By suirtris - SUBSCRIBER - April 13, 2015, 16:35:51

Hey everyone, me and a few friends from solar are coming over this maintenance and I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on stuff regarding alliances/community/busiest hours, any other tips would also be great. smile


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Believe it or not, but Shika is empty.

There are not many people there. I know this by experience.

The only advantage is that there are mobs with stars. (mostly red and yellow)

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If you want an active server, Rushu is your best bet.

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I don't think the above were quite the answers to the questions you were asking haha.

Shika's Community is small but there are a lot of nice people I've found.

As for alliances, Roma ,SHIKA, Noise and CYNGI stand out as the four strongest/biggest alliances.
Busiest hours would be 17:00 - 22:00 GMT (-1 hour from server time) I think.

Feel free to message me in game for anything!

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Here's the alliance story.
at first there was a couple of alliances under which oVo(Vendetta) that took over(there was a lot of PvP when oVo started), no one was able to beat them so they didn't even have to defend,people did not attack them. Although, those that were PvP active were told to shut up by the "lazier ones" so a couple of people merged and made NOISE, NOISE had nothing to lose and pretty much out every perceptor in the server with a team or 2, people noticed them and how they brought PvP back to life and joined them once they started taking over areas. Others got mad because they lost their perceptors and created SHIKA, their creators told all of SHIKA that their alliance would unite all of the server in one big alliance, while the truth was they wanted to have a massive amount of people to stop NOISE from taking over the whole server. After a long drama between children,people that showed how they never got out of their room and others NOISE ended up with all the good areas(frigost,pandala,Zoth,Imps,...) and Shika took the rest. Noise kept on doing it's thing, SHIKA's members didn't like NOISE and woke up at 6 am to hit NOISE percs and prism, in response NOISE cleared double perceptors. after some time the main people in noise(the founders and people that were there from the start) took a break 1 by 1 and PvP became really inactive again. Then Roma started, Roma started as an alliance that would bring PvP to life by organising PvP events and having fun around whilst organising dungeon trips etc. SHIKA and oVo members saw their chance and joined it to take over NOISE's prisms and now Roma controls most of Shika, although they did not get much of a resistance so who knows what will happen in the future smile.

The server is most active between 17pm and 23pm, looking at UK time. But even though there is only a small community you will find people online 24/7.
(Basically when people get off work/school and before bed. Although the shika community is pretty much worldwide)

About the community, Shika has really nice people in it, some very helpful, yet watch out there is others that will strip you of all you have got(so have a look around before you do that oh so epic deal, or ask some people). Shika consists of people that really don't do anything else but work/sleep/eat so they never really lived in my opinion which can be hard in conversations, there's others then but rarer that barely play but are really fun when they are on. And a fewer kind of people that'll just try to be funny 24/7(although most fail hard it's cool to have around). To end this, there is a bunch of people that like to fool you in shika, yet also a bunch that loves to help others, and keep in mind. I don't know why but a lot of players in Shika love to make a drama and if they lose a discussion they'll try to make a drama so they don't look bad(as I told you a bit life unexperienced) but it does make the small community tight.

I'm glad there is new people coming to Shika, I hope you like it here but I'm pretty sure you will. See you around fellow Shikan smile

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Shika isn't as bad as people say it is.

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Shika is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. It is quiet-ish, yes, and the markets are not particularly fast, but I don't have that much trouble filling out a team...

The most active alliance at the moment is Roma, as far as I know. Though there are many very nice people in CYGNI, even if it doesn't have much territory~ Busiest hours are UK evening (which is an hour behind dofus time).

I am not very active at the moment because my exams are coming up, but you're welcome to /w Xuan or /w Kyth if you want to chat or need a couple extra characters for something.

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Hey. I just transferred over from Zaitoishwan. This server is much more active than Zato was. I wanted a server that wasn't that active but was active enough for a market and a good community. This server has been awesome.

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