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Looking for guild in ROMA to enter alliance only area

By Masoods-One - SUBSCRIBER - August 20, 2015, 11:53:24

Hello. I'm a level 63 Cra named Masit.

I'm trying level up my alchemy profession but the Pandkins i'm trying to collect are in Terrdala village, an alliance only village in Pandala. The alliance is currently ROMA so i'd really appreciate it if a guild in this alliance accepts me so i can continue my skilling. I've been collecting the Pandkins on the outskirts but its not enough and waiting for them to regrow is a pain.

I've been playing for around a month now after a 7 year hiatus. I find skilling and collecting resources a calming experience and maybe in time, level all my professions to 200 happy. I only ever had and played one character and being lvl 63 is making it difficult to join a guild in such a prestigious alliance.

Pm in-game or add me or however it works, i apologize i'm still a newb.

Thanks. smile

First forum post in a long time. Rate/10 lol.

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have you searched around terradal village?

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