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Recruitment for Ancient Spirits

By Virandil - SUBSCRIBER - September 20, 2015, 21:10:47

Hi there, I'd like tomake a shout to all of dofus players to join our guild – AncientSpirits.

No matter your level,time spent in game, whether you're new to Dofus or not, we'd love tosee you amongst our ranks.

Now what we can offerto seasoned players, it's better explained here.

For newcomers andreturning players, please read on.

If you are new toDofus, just learning the game it might be a little bit frustrating,especially with the state of Wikia these days. Now I'm not saying weare going to be the all knowing ones, but if you're with us, we willbe more than happy to help you with your question, questing orwhatever is that you'd like to do, low level stuff is as much fun forus as doing high end (some of us havent even got there, haha). Pleasethough, if you are looking for people to leech you (let you donothing in fights while you soak the experience after), well youmight as well move on and look elsewhere. But if you are looking fora genuine guild experience, where you guildmates will help you, wellyou're in the right place. Please contact me in-game – Sinh, I'mmostly on evenings game time.

Now returning players.Well I found it hard myself with all the changes to the game,especially recently to find myself in Dofus and I'm still not there,but if you are looking for a place to start over, returning to Shikain general, dont hesitate to join us, we'd love to help you with thecurrent grips of the game, and if you need someone to help out whenyou're starting over a new, well it's the same deal as withnewcomers, no leeching but other than that we will try and do ourbest.

Now our guild is inprocess of rebuilding. Having said that, we have some active playersevery day, but we would love to see that to grow. Guild havepaddocks, guild houses, some active crafters (and if not our alliancehave some). We're not the biggest on Shika, but we do try and havesome fun. Hope that I was able to get your interest and I will speakwith you soon.

Kind regards,

The last jumping cat,


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Best guild on shika 10/10 would join!

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