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shika's revival thread

By darklordlord - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 05, 2016, 16:43:02

Welcome to Shika's revival thread


Aims of this thread:

1: revive the population of shika by players and staff coming together to find ways to encourage new and existing players to join shika.

2: keep that momentum going.

3: re-establish the connection between staff and players.


This thread is there to help and encourage a growth in population on shika, which over the last few years has suffered massive loses and nothing has been done about it.
Like alot of players i feel very passionate about the server, but i cannot do it alone.
I call upon players, moderators and developers to help us in out dire situation.

when i say dire these are the points i mean;

. lack of players, making it almost impossible for the server to do certain things. (higher dimension dungeons, kralove)
. due to this,lack of equipment, lack of PVP and kollosium making pebbles rare and expensive.

What we want from this:

. A stable, fun and growing community.
. Regular and noticeable interaction with game staff and moderators.

interserver markets. (making the need to be on highly populated servers for equipment void)
interserver kollosium ( already in progress)
cheap/free transfers to shika and other small, struggling servers.
free months subscription to new players joining shika
merging together smaller servers to make one well populated server.
server based competitions.

I encourage input and idea's for this thread. but behavior is a must.
i also encourage moderators and any and all staff to get involved, end of the day we cannot do this without you.

Thankyou, Mrblack ( shikian and proud)

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Hello! I have a character on Shika and I really like the server. Back when Shika was only for the UK, I used to feel a little envious because the community there seemed to be so nice. So even though I haven't been on the server much yet, it's important to me too, and I hope I can contribute to rebuilding a good community there.

One thing we can do is to take advantage of the new community challenge system and create challenges intended to benefit the new players. I've mostly seen challenges that seem to be aimed at tricking players into wasting their kama, which is pitiful. So let's try to change that if we can.

Another thing is to keep putting things up on the market at reasonable prices, even if they don't always sell in the end, so that the markets won't be empty or insanely overpriced. And of course, talk to the people you meet, even if it's just a few lines. There are some really nice people here. happy

We could also, perhaps, start planning for Vulkania already. Even if many of the old players are tired of it, new players probably haven't seen it yet, and I think it would be pretty great if we could actually open those ancient lizard doors this summer.

I'm against merging servers, though. I think it would be a mess and would do more harm than good.

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I can't imagine the state of my beloved Shika. As an ex-Shikan from Rushu, it makes me sad that the problem hasn't been addressed and the players are forced to try and do something about it.

Shika has one thing that not many servers have, a great community. Here in Rushu the alliance chat is full of garbage from young people thinking that they're cool. On Shika I remember no such thing. I remember making friends really easily there so you guys can build on that, if you can.

While I'm all for a Shika revival, note that without free transfers to Shika, it's unlikely that new people will join the community, keeping in mind the extremely horrendous conditions that Shika is in at the moment. Nothing sells, no merchants, no kolo fights are some of the major problems Shika has right now and no matter how friendly the community is, if people (myself included) cannot sustain their membership, then they have to transfer elsewhere, like I had to do.

Outlining the problems is easy enough but finding solutions isn't as simple. Having said that, solutions do exist, even though the lack of response from Ankama shallows my hope for a revival of the dying servers.

An inter-server market would be a huge boost to the server. The economy would regain most of its ground and it would supply the server with much needed kamas.

Instanced houses/paddocks. This concept is almost identical to that of the public paddocks, everyone can use them and nobody interferes with each other's mounts since everything is instanced (visible only to the player at that time). This means that a...

Server merge is now possible. Since no houses/paddocks will overlap between players, all that's left is to give a name-change potion to people with identical names and you've got a brand new server with thousands of active players.

I don't think that Dofus Touch will be enough of a success to resupply the population of servers such as Shika, Zato and Rosal. The sooner Ankama acts, the better.

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thankyou for your input guys, hopfully we can get enough people putting forward idea's and giving a helping hand. i refuse to give up on shika, shes far too valuable.

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Ankama reassigned my main char and all my stuff/kamas in it's inventory to some other account, sorry for being inactive on Shika but I have nothing to play with atm

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Hey Black,

I think that the ideas you've mentioned are great, especially inter-server markets, love that.

Although Shika's population is in a dire state right now I think we probably have the best community of all the servers, nowhere else can you find people who would go out of their way to help you and expect nothing in return.

It's a shame people left for Rushu because I honestly think that before all the server transfers our community was the envy of most other servers, Rushu included.

In terms of how we can help fix the markets and have more people enjoying the content that has for the past few years been available only to the most hardcore players, I have come up with the following:

  1. Encouraging players who do not have a 4-man, 6-man, or 8-man team to help each other through the later content - I'd love to see a few more faces around Frigost 3 and higher.
  2. Motivate people to want to complete content that is otherwise gathering dust on Shika - setting up more community challenges for these areas might be an idea.
  3. We need to help lower-level players find other people their level to adventure together with - they are the future of our server.
  4. Carrying on from the last point; Giving good advice to players who are new to the game. I honestly believe the greatest injustice nowadays is people being ignorant when it comes to advising new players. How often have you heard the question "Where is a good place for a level X to train?" I myself am guilty of giving the most unhelpful answer of "Frigost", thus causing a confused newbie to spend hours running around an area that they are clearly not ready to face yet.
  5. Getting out of this habit of assuming Rushu is better, it's terrible to think that people will go to Rushu to buy items and gear over finding a "local Shikan craftsman" to make their items. This is only making the economy worse, as the guilty parties will often take a huge stack of kamas and useful items from the markets with them.
  6. Again following on from the previous point; Crushing mid-level gear into runes to take to Rushu is equally as bad, as you are denying solo players their best chance of equipping their characters.
  7. Encourage friends to join Shika! - I have recently invited friends I met on the Heroic Server to come and play on Shika, and they're having a blast!
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As someone who is thinking of returning to the game just to have a casual game to play. But I don't see it worth my while to comeback to it if the shika server is still dying. As an Australian I don't think I would be able to play during its prime time hours making it tough to level up on my own.

Sould I comeback and give it chance to prove me wrong?

Kind regards Drunk-Killer.

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haba-haba|2016-08-03 05:20:59
As someone who is thinking of returning to the game just to have a casual game to play. But I don't see it worth my while to comeback to it if the shika server is still dying. As an Australian I don't think I would be able to play during its prime time hours making it tough to level up on my own.

Sould I comeback and give it chance to prove me wrong?

Kind regards Drunk-Killer.

I would wait until the company take serious drastic measures about the population of international servers and care about it like they once did. I can say that I been on all the servers through server transfer in the past 12 months except Shika but I have gotten a feel of what the current Shika is like as well with making a low level character and wandering about the server for fun. Shika has most of the guilds united as one in an alliance called Cygni due to the very small population the server has now. Zato has a lot of drama feud for the past year or so with Valor and Last of Us especially in which both alliances always fight each other for prisms while insulting each other nonstop and people didn't respect each other like they should. They tried to unite as one alliance but could never come to a consensus due to a few guilds both hated in particular. There are about 5 to 7 real people that come online daily total for the server and the markets are dead. Solar has Pride and Vanity, One Piece, and Tree of Life in which Pride and Vanity has the best top pvpers on the server. One Piece used to have a lot of fight in them but most migrated to Rushu so the alliance is completely dead. The alliance leader forgot to give the power to another guild so things couldn't be reorganized and Tree of Life was made shortly after. Rosal has Federa vis Unita, The Guardians, and One Empire tri fecta for a long time. Most of the guilds though tend to have a variety of foreign languages which can be tough to understand and english not their primary language so it can get difficult to understand what they're trying to tell you. Federa vis Unita pretty much died out also due to Rushu migration while The Guardians and One Empire duke it out but then again One Empire has most of the server's population and has solid pvpers. Rosal is actually still a playable server and still can sell things in marketplaces which is not too bad. Finally, we have Rushu in which everyone almost always says that it has the best population, markets, but not necessarily the most friendliest people around. There are about 4 real alliances which are Siege, Bloom, Integrity, and Iron. i can't say much about Siege and Bloom but Iron has a lot of competitive and serious pvpers that don't mess around. Most are usually the best players in the game besides the French servers and they always love to start up a lot of heat to make the server more chaotic I guess which can be good and bad. Integrity probably has the most friendliest guilds you can find and actually thinking about it, Bloom has some decent ones also like Fedaykin. Integrity I believe also throws the most variety of community events which can be exciting and fun to watch. They also run on a cool council guild rotation in which 5 of the main guilds in the alliance rotate on a daily basis to prevent absolute power and boredom.

If you really want to come back, all I can say is you will have a very rough time making kamas in game and you will be needing a solid established guild to not feel lonely. You will also need to multi-account meaning playing with more than 1 character to be self-sufficient in this current state of game due to the endless amount of content and great difficulty that continues to increase at every new update. When you make new friends again, my best advice for you is to never loan your friends kamas no matter how long you've known them. I can guarantee you that 90% of the times the kamas will not come back and if they do, they go beyond the deadline. It is not worth it and you can lose more precious time and easy to lose friends that way. Also, find friends that care about you by knowing they want to help without anything given to them in return and want to get to know you as a person like your interests, similarities, and activities you both can enjoy.
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