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A general guide to the Dofus development process

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - May 10, 2012, 19:37:40

Major Dofus updates are usually released approximately every three to four months. This means that the game usually receives one major update a season. Major updates are marked by a change in the second version number, such as 2.5 changing to 2.6. Major updates often include large changes to the game, such as new content, new systems, or new items. Major updates nearly always include a large number of bug fixes as well.

In general, these updates are preceded by a beta, which can last anywhere from a week to a month or so. During the beta, the developers will observe how players interact with the changes from the previous version. They will also usually spend time logged in to the beta server where members of every community can discuss the changes with them. Based on the feedback that they receive, they may change portions of the game before the final release of the new update. This means that changes listed in the beta changelog may not be set in stone.

Once the update has been released to the live servers, the developers may release smaller patches that adjust systems slightly or fix problems. These patches are usually marked by changes in the third place in the version number (for example, 2.5.3 changing to 2.5.4). Usually these patches are reserved for urgent bugs that prevent the servers from functioning correctly; the majority of bug fixes are usually saved for major updates.

In between major updates, the developers continue to take feedback from the community. As the next major update grows closer, there is less room in the development schedule for changes to make it into the the upcoming update. Even if a player suggestion is approved, it may not make it into the game until several updates have passed. This does not mean that the suggestion is gone or forgotten.

This is only the most general of outlines of how the update process works, provided to help the community in gain a broad understanding of the yearly DOFUS cycle. The specifics of a particular update and the overall schedule may be subject to change without notice.