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What is the Zenith?

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - May 14, 2012, 12:55:17

The Zenith is a collection of experienced and well-rounded players who are responsible for reading and collecting all of the opinions and input of our community about DOFUS, and then summarizing these opinions for the developers. They are people of exceptional talents: curious, intelligent, diplomatic, eloquent, experts in English, respectful, and above all... they love DOFUS.

The members of the Zenith have their summaries of our community's opinion delivered directly to the development team, thanks to player translators who have been integrated into the Zenith team. With their help, we'll also be able to have more feedback directly from the developers, and that's always a good thing!

The Zenith is required to maintain the confidentiality of information released by the developers to the private Zenith forum, unless specifically permitted to reveal information by either the developers or the DOFUS Community Manager. The penalty for breaking this confidentiality will be immediate dismissal from the Zenith, and possibly the sanction of all player accounts.

Members are expected to interact with other players on the public Zenith forum in a manner that is respectful at all times. Likewise, disrespect towards other members of the Zenith or the translation representatives will not be tolerated, upon threat of dismissal.

[size=24]Responsibilities of the Zenith[/size]

Main Tasks
These are the primary responsibilities required of Zenith members.

Zenith members are requested to summarize feedback from the English-speaking community on any matters relating to the evolution of the game (balancing, content, graphics, development, community, technical problems and bugs, etc…). This is the most important of all Zenith duties.

Members are expected to initiate discussions in the public Zenith forum based on the community’s opinions and their personal views in order to develop ideas together.

Members are invited to participate in various phases of beta testing for DOFUS and post their opinions and conclusions for the development team on the private Zenith forum.

Members may be given specific requests for information by the developers or the DOFUS Community Manager, or may be asked to review, read, and comment on the first specific elements of future game changes (such as rules of a tournament or event, or class balancing measures).

Optional Missions
These are duties that the Zenith members may take on, as long as it is not to the exclusion of or in detriment to their main Zenith responsibilities.

Members are entitled to submit their own ideas for improving the game directly in the public section of the Zenith forum, even if the idea has not been put forth by other players.

[size=24]Purpose of This Forum[/size]

This forum is a space where the Zenith can open up topics for the community to discuss, especially topics that have either been raised by the developers on the Zone 48 forums or topics that are of particular interest to our community in terms of future game features and changes.

There is also a space where players can suggest and vote on specific topics that they want the developers to hear about every month. To participate in this process, look for our Topic of the Month voting thread.

[size=24]IMPORTANT NOTE[/size]

The Zenith team is only responsible for bringing our community feedback to the development team and then returning with the devs' responses. They do not have the power to force the development team to take on specific projects or make specific changes to the game. They are here to help see to it that our voices are part of the process, but the developers always have the final word on whether or not a change is made to the game.