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Xelor balancing

By Sljm - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 22, 2012, 13:28:41
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Much time has passed since something happened here. Right now the position of Xelor is kinda stable... Kinda. Because i realy don't see how this class plays a role of debuffer (except for pvp and low level pvm). Is there somewhere a thread about AP loss system? This thing is simply unreliable at advanced stages of the game.

But lets take AP reduction aside. For a while. What about the idea of giving Xelor more options in debuffing? The first thing that comes to my mind is of course MP reduction! It was always a mystery for me why the master of time wasn't able to slow down his enemies movements (btw. doesn't Slow Down's icon begging for MP reduction?). I can imagine that MP removal could be a bit powerful with all those positioning spells and thats why i think it should be minor in terms of numbers (like 2mp/target).
 Another debuffing: skipping turns. I think this is fitting the class realy well. Of course this ability will require a lot of limitations. Here is my spell proposition:
Temporal Shell (lvl. 80)
Makes the target miss a turn. The target dodges all attacks and teleports back to their previous position. Works only on targets with telefrag state. Removes the Telefrag state.
4AP, 0-3RA (non modifiable), linear, initial cooldown, cooldown 12t (will decrease with lvling to 7).
This spell will work similarly to Sacrier's Evasion. It will serve as a multi-tool (positioning, protection, debuffing). To be cast on self for protection will require Mummification spell. Will be limited with global recast. Temporal Shell and Bribery should evoke state "idle", which will prevent casting both spells turn after turn on the same target.

What  do You think about all this?

EDIT: I guess its a bit outdated after latest news (spell variants and especially the line about Bribery if i get it right)

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Yeap quite outdated and xelor AP removal system is really good with the new spell variants. Int/Chance build can reduce much up, do much dmg, steal Hp, Add AP, position. So I am not sure why Xelor needs that extra Temporal Shell. Build is very tactical and very good one I dont think xelor needs more changes. Spell Variants added a TONS of tactics to xelor's gameplay. 

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