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Osamodas whipped into shape

By Electricotter - MEMBER OF THE ZENITH - May 27, 2012, 14:59:16
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Cra can't summon armies.
Iop can't summon armies.
Sac can't summon armies.
Eni can't summon armies.
Enu... can summon armies, but they barely do a thing, and the enu can't just hide behind them and buff them, while they do all the work.

Context is important. The reason why osas can't self buff is that they have summons that they can hide behind. If they had summons (which will undoubtedly get better) plus self buffs and heals, they'd be nearly immortal, winning through stalling tactics, focusing their own sets around survival and letting the summons whittle enemies away. None of the classes you cited can do that. Cras can MP steal, that is true. But they can't summon stuff to slow enemies down, they can't put all their stat points in vitality if they want to function properly, nor focus their sets around resistances. And I've been arguing for years that cras have far too great damage, range and side effects and should be nerfed for that.

Those improvements would encourage a playstyle that is neither fun to use or to go against: full resistance summon spam. With balanced summons, it would be broken. If osas ever become capable of self healing and self buffing, their summons WILL suffer greatly for it, and by that point, why not just make another class?

I know they would give osas their old AoE. That's the point. Osas are buff bots now because they need to cast buffs every turn. If we want to move away from buff bot osa, buffs will need cooldown. But to keep osas effective as a support class, they need to be able to buff multiple people, hence AoE buffs, done slightly differently from what was in the past (summons extending AoE...or hell, summoning IS the buff; have summons buff allies around them when they enter the battlefield, that will bring summons into relevancy).

I am making a conversation. I'm showing you my opinion, not arguing. I'm sorry if you misinterpret me, but I just present my thoughts bluntly and directly. That is my honest opinion, and that's it.

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Well , to compensate the self buffing and "controlling summons" why not make the class more of a shape shifting class? Like instead of summoning a boar, you turn into a boar, and casting it again would turn you back into the osa class. Kind of how masq uses his masks to turn into different states, and pandas turn drunk? Maybe they could have some kind of summoning mechanic, but not the ability to summon an "army" per say. Like "call of the wild" in which what ever form he is in Summons a monster, i.e;

Osa turns into a boar, and uses call of the wild to summon a boar.

This would make it slightly harder to create a summon army, give us the ability to self buff, a unique and (in my opinion) fun play style. Kind of like the blue mage from final fantasy.

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IMO, Osas could use another Earth/Water Damage Spell, like how the Enis got additional Water/Air Damage Spells. So it would be possible and effective to go Pure Build Osa in another Element, except Intelligence for Versatility. The Buff Spells seem perfect and okay to me, but the Summons sometimes have unpredictable A.I making them unreliable. It would be better off to make them 'controllable' like how Rogues can control their Boombots. They're master tamers after all, right? Maybe an mechanic to hijack enemy's summon might be cool too.

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Nerd-Tease|2017-04-11 01:56:52
Private-Prinny|2016-12-09 17:50:57
At pretty much every point, actually, especially considering that anyone with half a brain can keep Tofus alive at low levels, and someone with an entire brain did a bunch of endgame dungeons with Agi Osa solo or duo for dimesions.

There's also the fact that Osas are the most represented class in the Top 10, Top 25, and Top 100 of the Kolo Leaderboard

That was pre nerfs, but still holds true if you adjust to top 25, 50, and 100.
Osas are a little overtuned right now. I hope they don't go with any of the nerfs I've seen suggested as it would gut the class, but something needs to be done.

You can't ignore their summons, but if you spend all your AP removing their summons, they still win the damage race by a mile because they don't need to have high base stats to have the summons be unignoreable which lends to building higher resistances. Their summons get a turn before you could possibly remove them, and have enough hp and resistances that most classes would need to spend at least 7AP to kill 1 summon.

Additionally, their weakness is not close combat as many people have suggested, (free heals for days if you try to stay in CC with an osa or any of their allies) Their weakness is to Area of effect(AoE). The problem lies with low access to ranged AoE abilities among classes. Cra before the AoE damage nerfs actually would have been (and was if you watched higher level kolo) a good answer to osas, with the nerfs however, there no longer is the clear counter that there used to be. If you get matchmade in a 3v3 as a team without an osa vs a team with one, your chances of winning diminish greatly.

Did I mention the free Unbewitch? At least with the foggernaut it takes them 3 turns to get the unbewitches going.

Even further complicating things is that the osa can control all of their summons in a branch + any of their summons (at extra cost here) Which means any smart osa can place their summons to where they are not susceptible to AoE damage.
I wrote that elsewhere, but it I feel it's relevant here (and there in the context of that thread)
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Say whatever you want, but I miss a lot two spells:
- the spell to heal allies directly - it was more easier to heal the character from group who needed a heal (and even that spell, I wanted it to be able to self heal too);
- the + summons spell (that, or more gear + summons).

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