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Cra Balancing

By Makutu - SUBSCRIBER - August 02, 2012, 18:13:01
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int cras killing all of us from long distance with x2 explosive arrow

why u not decrease it to x1 per turn
we cant even reach to them they hit and run!

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Cra's haven't changed much since 1.29 They did not had much Damage back then and now with these new class updates they’re is way far behind struggling to keep up with the other classes, I know they will change probably at the end of this year or around January since they are one of the original classes, after the Sacrier update probably Cra or Enu will be improved, But until that day come let’s think about what could happen and do our best to suggest something good!

Well when I think about Cra, I think about cunning, Buffs and Debuffs, Taking a Hint from previous class updates I see that Ankama is mixing a few buffs and adding utility spells, I'm following that concept. Before we start I'd like you to know that some numbers might not be accurate since I used different Sources So lets begin!

Without the Dopple skill we have 21 skills at lvl 100 4 are buffs which at least 3 should be fused:

Critical Shooting Lvl 6
+14 Critical hit (3 turns)
Crit Increases damage by 50% (3 turns)
AP 2 RA 0-6 Requires Line of Sight CD 5

Powerful Shooting Lvl 6
Increases spell damage by 250%
Crit Increases spell damage by 290% (3 turns)
AP 3 RA 0-6 Requires Line of Sight CD 6

Bow Skill Lvl 6
+60 Damage (3 turns)
Crit +70 Damage(3 turns)
AP 2 RA 0-6 Requires Line of Sight

So we usually spend 7 ap or 1 entire turn buffing ourselves (If we include range and weapon skill), We need 1 skill for that, let’s call it "Enhanced Quiver"

Enhanced Quiver Lvl 6
+10 Critical Hit
+20 Critical Hit Damage
+150% Power+50 Damage (3 Turn)
AP 4 RA 0-6 Requires Line of Sight CD 5

With that out of the way we have 2 more skill slots, I removed the spell damage thing because we are already so weak and we cannot use weapons as we did before AKA critical failures time and Feca and Eni can go Full buff with weapons.

Now let’s talk about :

Distant Shooting Lvl 6
+6 range
Crit +7 range (4 turns) AoE 3C
AP 3 RA 0 CD

I think Shield Points feature is underrated we have little few skills for that basically 1 Eni skill ( which also should be reverted to what it was or improved with AoE, that skill is not good as it used to be) and a few from Masqueraider, But if you take Heals for example, Huppermage, Osa, Eca, Sadi, Enu, Foggernauts even Pandawa can heal and did you noticed I didn't mentioned Eni? So yeah Shield Points!

Distant Shooting Lvl 6
+4 range (2 turns) AoE 3C
+10% Shield Points (2 turns)
+20 MP Removal (2 turns)
+2 MP (2 turns)
AP 2 RA 0 CD 4

About those skill slots, I think Cra needs to be slippery!

Rolling Stone lvl 6
Teleports 1 Cell Away
+50 Dodge (1 Turn)
+50 Pushback Damage (1 Turn)
AP 2 RA 0

Let's Talk About Damage for now, Cra seriously lacks that, the old Golden Days where Cra's could 1 Hit kill everyone, are gone and now all we do is run and hope for the best. Let's see some of our favorite skills.

Punitive Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 29~31 Earth
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 30 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 30 (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 35~37 Earth
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 36 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 36 (1 turn)
AP 4 RA 6-8 Requires Line of Sight CD 2

Atonement Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 39~41 WaterState Gravity (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 40 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 40 (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 45~47 Water
State Gravity (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 46 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 46 (1 turn)
AP 4 RA 8-10 Requires Line of Sight CD 3

Now let’s check the neighbor's greener grass

Iop's Wrath Lvl 6
Damage: 81~100 EarthIncreases basic damage of spellIop's Wrath by 110 (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 91~110 Earth
Increases basic damage of spell
Iop's Wrath by 120 (1 turn)AP 7 RA 1-1 CD 3

Sword of Fate Lvl 6
Damage: 47~51 Fire
Damage: 25% of target's eroded HP Fire
Increases base damage of Sword of Fate by 27 (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 52~56 Fire
Damage: 30% of target's eroded HP Fire
Increases base damage of Sword of Fate by 32 (1 turn)
AP 4 RA 1-1 CD 2

My logic always was, OK Iop is a Melee class so that's why it has so much Damage, but let's not play the fools shall we? Iop's can push 4 cells with 2 ap, even get + 6 AP with Precipitation and jump 6 cells away not even talking about the 6 MP to run well 4+6+6=14 cells away after all that damage, talk about fair, Iop also have Crowd Control skills and Debuffs (that erosion?!).

It's not overpowered though I think we Cras just lack that power for now. When it comes to Punitive and Atonement Arrow I think we should Improve its overall damage to at least 25% (by overall I mean every damage from the base damage to bonus damage) and reduce 1 AP of both skills. So that way we are free to cast something else.

Punitive Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 37~39 Earth
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 38 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 38 (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 34~36 Earth
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 45 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Punitive Arrow's basic damage by 45 (1 turn)
AP 3 RA 6-8 Requires Line of Sight CD 2

Atonement Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 48~51 Water
State Gravity (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 50 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 50 (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 54~59 Water
State Gravity (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 58 (1 turn)
Caster: Increases Atonement Arrow's basic damage by 58 (1 turn)
AP 3 RA 8-10 Requires Line of Sight CD 2

I'm ok not having raw damage as an Iop, even though Iops are like nasty tofus, Cra's can easily kill powerful Iops by using gravity and removing/stealing MP alone with no real damage. And I like it that way, Cra is about brain, thinking, tactics not raw power but having no power at all kind of sucks. Like Lashing arrow it's our base skill for control, what if you're not STR you will hit 150 if you're lucky the same goes for Paralyzing Arrow what if you have no water damage?
that's why we have 1 skill slow left with this suggestion:
Tofu Trap lvl 6
Sets a cross shaped trap 1C
On activation: Gravity (1 Turn)
-50 Pushback Damage Resistance
- 4 MP
AP 2 RA 6-12 Does not Require Line of Sight CD 2

I miss the Old days where panda could remove enemy resistance % I always thought Feca should also keep his Resistance Buff, at least one of them now only Huppermages have that! well not for long! Let's change Dispersing Arrow a little bit:

Dispersing Arrow Lvl 6
Pushes the target back 2 cell(s)
-10% resistance
-10 resist
AP 2 RA 1-12 Requires Line of Sight CD 2

Since now all kinds of resistances are a must have let's remove more than one type!

Let's see the new Retreat Arrow

Retreat Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: Air Steal 27~30
Crit Damage: Air Steal 40 Pushes the target back 4 cell(s)
-20 Critical Damage Resistance (2 Turns)
AP 4 RA 1-8 Linear Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 1 - Turn 2

Burning Arrow, its good, but could be even better!

Burning Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 33~35 Fire AoE 5L
Sets a Linear Glyph 12 Fire damage (2 Turns)
Crit Damage: 39~41 Fire AoE 5L
Sets a Linear Glyph 20 Fire damage (2 Turns)
Pushes the target back 1 cell(s) AoE 5L AP 4 RA 1-8 Linear, Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Turn 1

Think of it just like Rogue's Glyphs but with a Twist, the glyph would be activated at the start of the target's turn or if someone step on it, but in any case the cell where it was disappear leaving the remaining cells like a fire wall. but that's optional because I think it would be too overpowered, what do you think?

I want Magic arrow to have a cross AOE

Magic Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 26~28 Fire 1C
Crit Damage: 30~32 Fire 1C
Steals 2 Range (1 turn)
AP 4 RA 1-12 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 2

I would remove both:

Poisoned Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 12~13 Neutral
Crit Damage: 15 Neutral (2 turns)
AP 3 RA 2-8 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 1 - Turn 3

Tormenting Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 15~17 Fire
Damage: 15~17 Air
Crit Damage: 18~20 Fire
Damage: 18~20 Air
AP 3 RA 5-8 Linear, Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 2

Creating a whole new mechanic a summon, let's call it Light Crystal and making all Air and Water damage spell life stealing.

Light Crystal Lvl 6
Summons a Static Creature with 40% of caster's HP
Light Crystal has an AOE of 6C While in that area Allies gain
+2 Range
x90% damage sustained while enemies
- 50 damage
x110% damage sustained
AP 3 RA 1-8 Can summon only 1 at a time

Super Nova Lvl 6
Shields allies 10% within 6C from the Light Crystal (1 Turn)
destroys the Light Crystal causing Neutral damage 6C to enemies
AP 2 RA 1-8

I would remove 1 AP to cast a few skills besides those I already did and improve it a bit:

Frozen Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 12~13 Fire
Crit Damage: 15~16 Fire
Lost AP for the target: 2 (1 turn)
-4% Final Damage
AP 2 RA 3-10 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 3

Plaguing Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 15~17 Air Steal
Crit Damage: 19~21 Air Steal
AP 2 RA 1-12 Does Not Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 1 - Turn 4

Lashing Arrow Lvl 6
-4 MP (1 turn)
Damage: 17~18 Earth
Crit Damage: 21~22 Earth
AP 2 RA 1-10 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 1 - Turn 4

Destructive Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 27~29 Earth
Weakened State (1 Turn)
-50 damage (1 turn)
Crit Damage: 37~39 Earth
Weakened State (1 Turn)
-60 damage (1 turn)
AP 3 RA 5-8 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 2

This weakened State sounds delicious @[email protected]

Absorptive Arrow Lvl 6
Steals 27~29 HP Air
Crit Steals 37~39 HP Air
AP 3 RA 6-8 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 2

That leaves us 3 skills:

Paralyzing Arrow Lvl 6
Damage: 11~12 Water Steal
Crit Damage: 13~14 Water Steal
Steals 2 MP
Steals 25 Dodge
AP 2 RA 1-10 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Target 1 - Turn 2

Dodge would work great here since many times we use that while Melee.

Slow Down Arrow Lvl 6
Lost AP for the target: 2 (1 turn) AoE 3C
Damage: Water Steal 30~32 AoE 3C
Crit Damage: Water Steal 40~42 AoE 3C
AP 4 Ra 1-8 Linear, Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Turn 2

It should have the same Range as explosive

Explosive Arrow Lvl 6
-2 MP AoE 3C
Damage: 27~31 Fire AoE 3C
Crit Damage: 35~39 Fire AoE 3C
AP 4 RA 1-8 Requires Line of Sight
Casts Per Turn 2

with those -MP i feel safer Already!

That's it! I may or may not have over used life steal but think about Eni that demon can heal over 600 HP with regeneration stacks only. We would be a selfish Eni healing only ourselves but being nice once in a while shielding allies a little bit. And we could change that by adding a rule like the new Eni has, maybe our life steal should work only 6+ cells away, sounds more balanced? xD The Whole Idea is to run and debuff make the enemy weakness our strength! Playing with the entire map positioning everyone and using every existing debuff in our skills!
It is all just a suggestion after all so don't take it too seriously! Thank you for your time! wub

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Enhanced quiver: No. 7 AP really isn't all that much for being fully buffed, especially when cras have some of the most powerful and easiest to crit buffs and spells in the game, and especially when you take in account that iop spends 2 more AP to fully buff, with buffs that last less, no crit buffs, and is a close combat class. Also, cras don't *need* 2 skill slots. Cras already have enough versatility and power.

Distant shooting: why would cras have shields? It's not a tank class. It's a long ranged damage dealer with debuffs. You shouldn't be getting hit in the first place. You already steal range and MP, why would you need shields? Same goes for MP. You steal other people's MP, and you push them back. You don't need more mobility. And I'd much rather see enus getting +20mp removal then cras, since that class actually has that focus.

Rolling stone: again, no. You have pushback, and you have dispersing. You don't need this, and this time, it isn't even for being powerful. It's for being redundant. If you got in a position where you would really need this, you deserve to be locked and punished.

Punitive and atonement arrows: How about no? Please refer to my damage comparison thread.
Click here

The greener grass ISN'T greener. The range matters, and using fate and wrath is much harder than spamming atonement and punishing. Not to mention punishing outdamages fate, and has a ton of range behind it, while wrath spends a massive amount of AP. In fact, cra's damages should be LOWERED in comparison to iop's, since iops risk much more to deal their damage than cras do, and cras have more powerful side effects. The riskier the class, the bigger the reward, is what it should be, and cras have high reward with almost 0 risk on their spells. And I don't even have to mention how iop's buffs last less and are less effective then cra buffs again.

Tofu trap: you can already take away 4 MP with 3 AP while dealing decent damage, and STEAL Mp by using 2 AP and dealing a fair amount of damage. Again, cras do not need this.

Dispersing arrow: again, no. First of all, no class takes resistance anymore. They increase damage dealt. Second of all, why should you decrease res? Again, you are not putting your neck in risk to deal damage. You can whittle others away. Close combat classes would need this much more than cras would.

Retreat arrow: cras already have lifesteal. This is not needed at all. Also, you really think cras should just laugh at resistances, huh?

Burning arrow: Again, why do you need this? Burning is damaging and useful enough. There is no reason for cras to have this.

Magic arrow: One bullcrap AoE range steal is not enough for you, eh?

Light crystal: Yeah, let's make cra range and damage even more stupid! And get a summon with more hp than all other summons too, since you know, cras don't have the best summons in the game yet.

Super nova: Again with the shields? At this point, your version of cra is shielding and lowering damage better than tanks. While dealing AoE damage, no less.

Spell cost reduction: and just to round out the absurdity, let's decrease the cost of very powerful support spells that also deal very good damage, without changing the damage they deal, because cras need to be the most absolutely OP class in history.

Explosive arrow: Really? Really now? The spell that already is absurdly powerful, with an absurdly large AoE and range, also taking 2 MP?

Eniripsa regenerates and lifesteals...because it's a HEALER. It also needs to be in close combat to heal itself, which means it takes damage, which means erosion, and enis don't deal nearly as much damage as cras do, not even when buffed, and their buff, guess what, LOWERS HEALS.

Honestly, I'm sorry if my commentary seems overly sarcastic and aggressive, but...really? You're basically saying "hey, let's make cras absurdly OP, even more than they already are!". Cras are fine. They are very powerful damage dealers with good support options. Cras are, in fact, more powerful than most of the other classes, due to range, damage and powerful debuffs, all rolled in one package. The only thing that holds cras back in the current game is the map design, which is made against them. That's it. If you set cras in an open field, they will be more powerful than any other class. And with your suggestions, there would be almost no point in making other classes. Sadida? Enu? Pfft, cra takes MP better than them! Why make any close combat damage dealer, if cras deal as much as a iop, with better mobility than an eca, while having sacrier's lifesteal and better range than them all? Why make masqs, huppers and fecas when cras can shield as well as them? Why use pandas to lower resistances, if cras do that AND manipulate positions at the same time? You're basically making most of the other classes useless, some of which already face tough competition against cras. These suggestions are not balanced in the slightest. Cras do not need more power, nor do they need versatility. Cras need better maps, and that's it.

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Leave my damned Cra alone. He is perfect the way he is.

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Well with the upcoming Osa revamp and the rumour that Sac revamp is in the works, it means Cra is one of the classes that has been untouched the longest, so sooner or later our heads will be on the chopping block

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Except cras are fine (though freezing arrow does need changes, it's probably the only spell that does; even poison arrow is good at what it does). Honestly, I see these revamps as other classes getting caught up to cras. So much so, that from the trio of 1.29 headhunter classes, cra is the only one that didn't really fall behind with the game evolutions (other 2 being sacrier and osamodas).Cras are fine, and everyone else is being brought up to their power level. Now, cras only need good maps to fight in.

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I, for one, really liked some of the guy's ideas.

Yeaaah, they're not balanced in the slightest and Cra is good as it is, but with proper scaling, there's a lot of potential in many of them.

Cra suffers from this particular type of blandness, typical to old spells. The elements of many of those were not too closely examined in terms of synergies and role variations acording to build. Don't get me wrong, I'm being very picky here, the problems with the class are mostly ignoreable, but I, for one, would like to see some of the suggestions implemented. To be specific:

Burning arrow leaving a linear glyph: a very interesting idea, adding more of a 'zoneing' flavor to int cras. They'd have explosive arrow to isolate the enemies and another tool that could potentialy put even more pressure on them, by cutting off the escape route. Would require shifting the majority of damage from direct hit to glyph damage though. I don't like frozen and magic arrow as well, I feel like they should belong in some other sector. Maybe the magic arrow could 'illuminate' the opponent for 1 turn, making it possible for a cra to hit him directly with spells despite there being no LoS?

Chance build is perfect as it is. I love how quirky and interesting it is.

Air is the most problematic one in my opinion. I actually agree that the plaguing arrow should have a lifesteal, just not with that much damage to it. I would picture agility being the mischevious, light-on-their-feet archer. I can think of two additional spells (taking place of absorbing, since plaguing would now have a lifesteal) that'd make air worthwhile.

*New* Poisoned arrow: A strong and persistent poison, lasting up 4 turns at level 6. High cost, stackable once, low, non-boostable range.
Kiting arrow: Castable once per target, two times per turn, applies a state to the target for 3 turns. If a Cra finishes its turn with the target still within the line of sight, the state gets bumped up a tier, similar to Rekop. When the spell is casted on a previous target, it consumes the state, dealing damage dependent on the number of ticks, with 3 (fully charged) being on par with other chargeable Cra spells. Due to the spell's restrictions, it's range and cost should be sufficiently reduced.

I think this would make air path enjoyable, without flooding it with high-cost or 100% dependable spells that would discourage hybridization.

Earth: I never had too good of a feel for this one; it's boring and all over the place at the same time. It's a bastard twin of the chance build, as if trying too hard to be it's perfect match. A clearer role should be established here, perhaps actually rewarding straightforward gameplay and focusing exclusively on one target?

As for the buffs, I do believe they should be unified into few states, similarily to how ecaflip works (lore-wise, such stances should be a more natural choice for archers). A long-ranged, crit and damage focused buff should take away some of the Cra's movement points. A buff helping Cra to escape (although via reducing certain spell cooldowns and increasing mp, not dodge) should make all the spells' range unmodifiable; a side bonus of a large pushback damage buff would be in place here as well, I think.

Either way, I feel like ya'll went too hard on the guy, ignoring his ideas just because they scaled incredibly badly. I think that in our suggestions numbers matter least, as they can (and would) get fine-tuned.

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Burning arrow: If the glyph is like a feca glyph instead of a rogue one, sure. If it's like a rogue's, then we have a few issues. 1: closing chokepoints. Enemies would have to walk through the entire thing to get past small corridors, and not even rogues can do that, because of the bombs. Speaking of which, 2, no way to get rid of said glyph. Rogues can make the walls, yeah, but if necessary, enemies can destroy them. Not so with this, unless it placed 2 arrows with low health or something, and then it would be either not practical or making rogues obsolete depending on the damage and the health of arrows. And's the main gameplay and function of another class. A class, that may I add, has absolutely no other gameplay mechanics that make it good. This type of glyph is all rogues have to justify their existence, while cras have a lot more tools.

While I think magic arrow is fine, everyone agrees freezing arrow is not.

New poison arrow: funny you say it would be a strong poison...when it already is, compared to other poisons. A buffed cra's poisoned arrow deals double the damage of a buffed sram's insidious poison, and other poisons are not better either.

Kiting arrow: I don't think this helps cra's at all. I mean, think about it. This is a spell for open maps. Cras already destroy everything in open maps. Their main problems come with clustered maps, and maps that have many things blocking LoS. This arrow won't really help the situation.

Earth already focuses on exclusively one target. It's a single target, high damage build with powerful defensive debuffs. The biggest problem to it is mainly that it gets it's main damaging spell at a later level, and the other spells are very limited in cast/turn, so it feels disjointed at first. Plus, why deal ridiculous single target damage when you can deal ridiculous AoE damage? I won't say earth needs more damage, because it doesn't, but the other builds dealing as much damage as it does aside from punitive hurts it.

Merging the buffs would either nerf cra damage, or be a very high cost spell. Again, I point out that iops take 9 AP to fully buff, and their buffs last less. Cra buffs are powerful enough as is, and the crit buff being separated actually helps cras (because it makes it even easier to crit on buffs). Plus, having them separated helps you distribute your damage buffs if needed (you can go for a burst or space the buffs out to have constantly high damage). Plus, I don't see the point in giving cras more mobility. You have dispersing arrow in case you need an extra push, you have lashing to keep enemies away, and you have pushback/burning in case you're locked. If you got locked, you should be punished for it; it's your weakness. And you can easily disperse/lashing/pushback/run away, plus if you really want more MP, you have paralyzing.

I don't think cras have a "blandness typical to old spells". I think that cras fit in the game as it is today, and other classes are being changed to be more like cras. Cras have a LOT of tools, powerful spells with great range and side effects, a thing other classes didn't have. It always followed this formula: if it has good damage and good range, it has no side effect (slaughtering shovel); If it has great damage and side effect, it has no range (old ceangal claw);if it has great range and side effect, it has no damage (judgement shovel). These are just some examples, but no spell escaped this...aside from cra spells. Other classes are just catching up now. And even then, compare cra spells to similar spells in other classes...cra spells are better across the board, particularly when measured against their main competition, enutrof and iop (in case of iop, I showed the problem in the damage comparison thread; cras deal around the same damage, with greater range, side effects, AoE, and spending less to buff).

So yeah, I think it's justified to go hard on ideas that make an already great class, that already makes another class kind of obsolete (only things enus have when compared to cras is ghostly, clumsiness and corruption, really; everything else can be reached by cras with other methods), get spells that make a bunch of other classes obsolete. I play every class, and I feel that cras are very low risk, very low effort, and very high reward, unless the map screws them. It's one of the few classes that I was able to solo medium kanigrula mobs at lvl 170~180 (the other was feca, and it was considerably harder). Cras are already powerful enough, and I'm saying this by experience. The only thing that needs to change is the fact that maps are built against them.

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Your reply makes it sound like I want to buff Cras. Beyond the agility build I don't think that is neccesary. My suggestions were aimed exclusively at introducing some consistency and reducing redundancy within the class. So, to look at specifics:

I mentioned that in the case of burning arrow its damage should get shifted from direct damage to glyph. So, let's say that the previous one dealt 100 damage per hit. The new burning arrow should deal something like 35 direct and 65 glyph damage. Now, if you get a direct hit and make someone start in a glyph: you deal similar damage. If you use it to block someone's way, you'd deal only 2/3rd of the spell damage, which is not overly impressive. If you manage to block a narrow passage with it in key location, you should be rewarded with a bit more damage (130, as rogues have shown what can happen if more than 2 ticks of damage are allowed). In the very unlikely event of directly shooting someone walking down a narrow passage, I think it is not unreasonable to get that 165 damage per burning arrow (but still only 200 damage per two). The fact that the glyph cannot be removed fits with how dangerous an explosive arrow can be if not used carefully. Still, we are talking about quite low damages, not those monstrocities a good rogues can get going.

The idea behind the agility build is to reward a dynamic chasing tactic. The most beneficial tactic would be to allow your enemy to approach you, only to suddenly increase the distance and let him chase you. Notice how easy it would be for the enemies to prevent the Cra from buffing the kiting arrow from a great range. Ideally, the spell would require the cra to adjust the angle dynamically, so he could deal a decisive blow after a few turns.

I've also put some thought into the earth build. First of all, I think that paralyzing arrow should switch elements with lashing arrow. The new paralyzing arrow should grant movement points the next round, so it becomes a chasing, not escaping, tool. Secondly I believe all earth spells should get a boost in damage.The catch is, the damage is reduced each time another enemy is attacked. So to keep hitting as hard as with a few first hits, you have to keep hitting the same enemy until it dies. This would make for a powerful and persistent killer, forcing the player to calculate when and if to go into pursuit.

Think about how interesting hybridization would be in this setup: all of the builds would have powerful, yet somewhat demamanding to use spells that they'd have to think of a way to compound. Also, consider how many of the spells would make it possible to adapt to maps being rigged against Cras. The agility build itself would be most effective on a map with multiple small obstacles in the way.

Cra's buffs are, in my opinion, poorly designed. They do not challange the player, beyond forcing him to make a simple math calculation to see if it's more worth to buff yourself or use your remaining AP to do something else. That is bland and boring. The fact, that Cra's buffs are so incredibly powerful only proves how out of place they are. On certain levels they give you a huge damage spike, on other not so much. They create a ton of balancing issues, as, for example, the immense flat damage bonus contributed to some spells having very low base damage. This would not be the case if the buffs were made more reasonable in terms of numbers and/or had some drawbacks to them, forcing you to try to predict how the combat will look within the next couple of turns; and that's fun (think Ecaflip). I do not think that your comparison to Iops is in place here, as the divine sword is primarily an attack (at least for those few loonies that are agi).

Similarily, your comparison to Enus or Rogues here is out of place, as it primarily outlines the problems with those classes. It should not be Cra's responsibility to compensate for Enus subpar movement point steal. Especially since most of Cra mechanics that 'make the other classes kind of obsolete' is already in place and my suggestions have no negative impact on that perticular balance.

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Score : 2735

after fighting dozen of cra's like in every kolo match there is Always an int cra spamming explosive shot 2x that deal more than 900dmg~ every turn. they pretty much deserve a nerf... it become way too abusive now but they propely dont care..

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