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The Future of Healing

By Electricotter - MEMBER OF THE ZENITH - September 26, 2012, 03:15:29
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7-8 range is long range.
Non-adjustable range doesn't mean something isn't ranged lol
It ensures it keeps the range it has.

Striking having a cooldown is irrelevant.
It still allows any class access to both high Fire damage and AoE.

This final statement only serves to validate my belief you haven't been reading this thread.

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The future of healing is that it will most likely see a rapid decline as more damage characters will be used to speed up fights. On the upside, more kamas will be spent on things such as bread, fish, meat, and potions for healing outside of the fights... unless it's for the Kolo, where it doesn't really matter a single iota now does it. When a need for heals arises, they will find that the prominent class for it is easily replaced by another class for it, which will also be able to utilize it's abilities to a much greater fashion and supply the team with better results.

As such, the constant reduction of healing ability to suite has left the primary healing class rather dull. Seeing that the high end heals was lowered on the crit rate to be more in line with the average so that the bottom line can come up means that there is no need for the crit based healer. So instead they can focus more on gear selections that hold more +heals and int.

But with the direction the game is headed, we will most likely see a plethora of stat based heals that will take into account +heals. We will start seeing +heals on gear it has no real use for being on outside of the healing class. To illustrate what I mean, we can expect to see +heals on gear items comparable to the Moowolf Set for each stat.

So, the future of healing? The Int heals will continue to grind itself into uselessness, the separated from stats heals will be more beneficial, and the implied roles will become more perfunctory and only allow for a small myraid of room for outside the box playing.

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