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Topic of the Month Voting - December

By vagabaka - SUBSCRIBER - December 05, 2012, 03:16:48

In November's Topic of the Month Voting Thread, The topic "Equipment and Sets" by DarkReaperSaika got the most votes: 12. You can now share your thoughts in December's Topic of the Month thread.

Other popular topics were:

  • Improve the buy/sell options - 6 votes
  • Expand and modify your player house - 3 votes.

This thread is for suggesting and voting for the next (January 2013) Topic of the Month.

General Rules:
  • this is not a discussion thread: if you do not like an idea, simply do not vote for it.
  • if you have any questions regarding how this works, feel free to ask.
  • flaming and insulting posts WILL be removed.
How It Works:
  • thread is open the entire month and locked at the end of the month;
  • anyone can make suggestions and they can all be voted for;
  • a separate discussion topic is created for the winning topic suggestion in the Zenith sub-forum after voting is closed ;
  • at the start of the next month a new voting thread is created that includes the announcement of the #1 topic of the previous month and a list of the most popular topics from the previous month if anyone wishes to re-suggest them.
Requirements to Topic Suggestions:
  • one, and only one, topic per post
[blockquote]We know there are a lot of ideas that you want to see being discussed, but if you make multiple suggestions in one post, we don’t know what topic is being voted for. Please note that the forums have a auto-merge function to prevent double posting. If you are having problems with this function, please just wait for another person to post before making another suggestion.[/blockquote]
  • threads already in discussion in Zenith sub-forum (for example, class balancing threads) cannot be suggested
  • if the #1 topic is a topic already under discussion in Zenith Discussions, the #2 topic will be created instead. Both will be treated as #1.
  • topic suggestions must be summarized: only a few lines to outline the idea
[blockquote]If you want to, you can create a discussion thread in the Suggestion forum and explain the idea in more detail and then link the thread to you post. Already existing topics may be linked in your suggestion in the same way.[/blockquote]
The #1 Topic:
  • the topic that gets voted as #1 will be created in the Zenith Discussion thread in the month after it was voted as #1;
  • this topic will be open for discussion to everyone;
  • by the end of the month the opinions of the community will be summarized, translated and sent through to the develoopers;
  • the thread will be left open for further discussion and may receive feedback from the devs to be discussed as well;
  • if the topic is an idea that the devs have already made their final decision on, we will provide an explanation regarding it, in such a case the #2 topic will be created instead.
  • to vote for the topic click the green smiley icon above the post
  • negative votes
    won’t be counted nor will they be subtracted from the total.
  • “Supported” and “+1” posts will not be counted as votes.
  • there is a limit on the forums of 5
    per day, so if you run out just wait 24-hours to keep voting!
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Score : 2737

Does this directly have to be related to dofus in game? Or can it be about the forums? Either way im making this suggestion for a discussion as noone else has had an idea yet...

Discussing about improving and adjusting the various problems with the current dofus forums to make it easier to use, less glitchy and more fun for everyone.

I think we may be able to squeeze a discussion out of that, and we all can say it is very much needed.

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Score : 1431

I improved my suggestion about market and combined it with another idea of an auction house to make it more appealing.

Short version:

  • Improve market by removing 1/10/100 and add buy orders
  • Provide an interface for searching / buying specific overmaged items
  • Add an auction house and make selling of multiple items in one bundle possible there
  • Add funny auction modes like Live Auctions or Dutch Auction mode.

Here is the long version

Its already 24th january, and no summary nor new topic voting thread.

Is this topic cancelled due the lack of contribution?
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