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Feca Balancing Thread

By Relious - MEMBER OF THE ZENITH - February 14, 2013, 02:53:41
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I think the Feca need a little buff.

Especially one spell called RAMPART. At the moment Rampart can reduce 14 dmg onto caster + 10 dmg onto characters next to caster.

That means that the 200lvl caster can reduce aprox 150dmg and other character which are onto this effect aprox 100.

I think this shield needs a little buff but only for PvM. Right now on the high lever dungeons like F3 when the monster is able to hit 1300+ from single hit, shield is doing almost nothing what makes the Feca class not very needed anyplace.

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That's not a feca problem. It's a tanking problem in general. One does not tank in F3. But everywhere else, feca shields are pretty effective, and fecas are useful due to crowd control and heavy AP/MP steal. Plus, if Ankama won't separate PvP and PvM effects, you would generate a big problem in PvP. What should be done is changing the monsters so it's possible to tank them, but then the difficulty drops. So, in're out of luck, none of this will happen.

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Lynn-Reiginleif is so right... if your in frig three it's about controlling the fight, tanking is a role to play but you can't rely on one feca to handle all that damage. Maybe rethink your strategy and use the feca to isolate one enemy and tank a individual, a suggestion could be to go full agi with some dodge lock trophies?

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