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2.10 - The Rage, the Confusion, the Feedback

By Relious - MEMBER OF THE ZENITH - February 14, 2013, 05:02:44

Alright folks. We of the Zenith have been in the awkward position of knowing about these changes for about a week and trying to respond on your behalf before beta dropped. We managed to provide a response for [size=11][/size]some of the classes, and at least one class was slightly adjusted before beta dropped (nerfs were lessened).

While our feedback only hit a day or so before the beta dropped (and likely hasn't been incorporated into the beta yet), it still may be included.

What's really important now is that you tell us what you don't like about the classes. We can tell you already what we don't like, and we'll be showing you shortly what we already provided to the Devs. More importantly, to encourage the devs to change things in our favor, we need to describe WHY we don't like something. Believe it or not, your Zenith has already accomplished several changes on your behalf (based on feedback on the class balancing threads) before changes went live, and we stand a very good shot at it again.

The way we do it is through well-developed arguments why a particular mechanic sucks and what we'd like to see in its place from a conceptual basis.

Feel free to be pissed and rage. Several of us already have. But the SOONER you can get your detailed feedback (and by detailed, I mean PLEASE go out on the test server to try it out and explain why you don't like something), the better. We are short on staff and really need as much time as possible to summarize your responses and translate them before beta is over. The next two or three days will be critical for this.

If you love changes, please let us know. The Devs also tend to respond well to compliment sandiwches. (Two compliments with a slice of complaint in the middle).

Thanks in advance,


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