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[Insider's Report] January 2013

By Tropical-Ace - SUBSCRIBER - February 22, 2013, 22:44:24

During the month of December the Zenith was on Holiday break. Jumping into what was posted during the month of January

  • New threads were published in the public Zenith forum
  • Since we were on holidays from Dec/mid Jan, we are a bit behind in writing the summary for the Dec TotM discussion thread on Equipment and Sets. However we are working to get those out ASAP!
  • Market Interface Improvements - Topic of the Month (January - February)
  • Ala (Frunupulax) has hung up her Zenith hat. Everyone on the Zenith would like to thank Ala for all of her contributions and we wish her the best on her future Dofus endeavors! [size=13]With Ala's departure we are now down to 9 members. The following members are now listed as inactive due to time constraints and prior comments.
    • Bujax
    • Xu-Xu (Ilovebidou)
    • Sljm
    • KumQuat (MsBellOberon)
    • Chaos-Reign (SilentRevenge)
    • Nikto
    • Ala/Deimos(Frunupulax)

Coming next
  • The Zenith is preparing for a recruitment drive sometime within the next few months
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