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RECRUITMENT: Community Discussion Team

By #JoinTheZenith - ANKAMA - June 27, 2013, 18:05:07

The Zenith is recruiting new players for its Community Discussions Team. This volunteer position serves the players of the English Community by researching player concerns and opinions over a variety of topics.

  • Sourcing active topics of discussion from the English player base from several sources (forums, their own servers, test servers).
  • Starting discussion threads on the public Zenith Forum to track and document the community's opinion..
  • Ask tough questions of the players to keep a discussion alive and drill down to the content behind the concerns.
  • Attending meetings in Teamspeak to coordinate Zenith activities with the rest of the team and advise summarizers on key points of community feedback to include in their summaries.
  • Using personal judgement in combination with community feedback to provide representative opinions on game changes proposed by the Devs to the Zone 48.
  • Attend server meetings and other open forums to solicit player feedback.
While a forum development team member is not restricted only to forum development on the Zenith, their performance will be measured against requirements in this section of Zenith activities.

-Must have a demonstrated love for Dofus
-Must be willing to download and install Teamspeak 3. Willingness to use a microphone a major plus.
-Must be able to devote at least 5 hours a week towards accomplishing tasks for the Zenith.
-Must be capable of maintaining weekly activity on 3 active threads at once and provide verbal summaries of the varying points of view in the thread as well as make recommendations on how to summarize the discussion. ( This will be a performance measure to keep your place on the team.)

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of Dofus the game evidenced by experience in one or more of the following:
  • PvM combat
  • Crafting
  • Breeding
  • PvP combat
  • Mastery of knowledge of a specific class
  • Equipment and Gear Choices
  • In game experience with multiple classes
  • Quests
  • Server Economics
Knowledge of how to use the Dofus Official Forums
Knowledge of the public Zenith forum.
Skill at managing workload to meet deadlines.
Skill at representing others' concerns.
Skill at evaluating information objectively.
Ability to review complaints and structure questions to analyze the root cause of that complaint.
Ability to work with other strong personalities to produce a product.
Ability to manage aggressive comments directed at you in a positive manner.
Ability to leave ego at the door - We're not interested in people who believe they know the game far better than anyone else. We want people who will take others' comments into consideration however poorly-worded or incendiary they may have been received.

While this is a volunteer position, compensation does come in the form of advance notice of changes coming to Dofus as well as an opportunity to influence future changes to the game. This position reports to the Community Discussions Team Leader for assignments and activity coordination.

If you would like to apply for this Zenith team, please find application instructions on the recruitment profile.