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By Electricotter - MEMBER OF THE ZENITH - August 31, 2013, 22:10:07

Greetings Pangea!

We at the Zenith are happy to announce that in honor of Ankamerica month we will get to ask 5 questions of the infamous, the mysterious, the quixotic, Lichen.

These questions will be screened by the Zenith team. As such there are some ground rules:

Anything relating to 1.29 will be immediately disregarded.

Anything that has already received an official answer will also be disregarded.

Pretty much anything else will be fair game.

3 questions will be decided upon entirely by the Pangean Community, after all this game is nothing without our beloved PCs.
The remaining 2 questions will be decided upon internally by the Zenith, from the questions submitted in this thread.

Tell your friends, tell your Alliance.

Voting will be done with the green smiley icon. Red frown icons will have no say in this vote.

This part is very important: Edited posts will be immediately disqualified.

If you have a new question, just submit it in a new post. If for some reason you can not post, send one of us at the Zenith an Ankabox and we will submit it for you.

Duplicate questions will be ranked in order of individual votes, these votes will NOT be pooled.

Suggestions are also welcome, but they must be paired with a question to help direct and clarify the intent and reasoning for the suggestion.

Feel free to open a topic on the General forums for discussion, this thread is not for debate, but for submissions only.

If you feel your submission(s) require clarification, please AM me and I will edit it for you. (You can also contact one of the other Zenith members instead.)

Disqualified posts will be edited to read : I love bunnies.

Voting will be closed on Monday the 9th.

We have some very awesome players in our community and we know you all have lots to say/ask.

We look forward to your submissions!

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Which is better - margarine or butter?

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Do you feel that social interaction is a critical part of an online game, and if so to what extent should it exist?

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Do you think Barbie is a negative role model for young girls?

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When will the next dofus quest come out? and which dofus is first in line?

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Speaking only for myself, I feel that Farmer/Baker are too strong against Hunter/Butcher, Fisherman/Fishmonger, and to an extent Alchemists. Farmers are able to produce much higher quantities of health-point food in a much shorter period of time than gatherers and crafters of other consumables professions. Is the development team planning to review the professions of Dofus and balance them against each other?

Also, one of the largest problems faced by Butchers and Fishmongers is the quantity of Salad. Blops are very time-consuming monsters and when Salad is needed the time required to watch them move through their animations (and their summons' animations) tends to prolong a fight, which in turn makes Salad an expensive resource.

I am often required to purchase Salad on the resource market for more than 200 kamas per unit (20,000 kamas per 100) which is in my opinion an outrageous price. The obligation of Butchers and Fishmongers to purchase an expensive player-gathered resource makes the consumables crafted by these professionals much more expensive than bread and - because Salad is often over-priced or not available on the market at all - many recipes simply don't get cooked (Lard Bass**/***, for example, requires two units of Salad per recipe.)

Biblop Blubber and Treechind Resin are offered for sale from NPC's at the Grocery Store, and I think it would also be appropriate to offer Salad for sale from NPC's at the Grocery Store. Even if Salad is offered at a fixed price of 25 kamas per unit, this would still make Lard Bass**/***, Kaniger Steak, Crocodyl Steak, and other recipes that require Salad easier to bring to market and more capable of competing with an over-saturated, dirt-cheap Baker's market.

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Are you planning to cross over PvP and PvM any more in the future? (by which I'm referring to the pebbles and the way to obtain SP scrolls) If so, are there any plans to implement another method to obtain these items outside of dopples, which frankly, just take way too long at the moment due to how dispersed all the temples are (with no apparent reason)

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How is Dofus in comparison to your idealized mental image of a dream game? What would be the biggest things you'd change if you could to make it as perfect as you imagine (even if the changes are currently impossible)

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As it stands now, players are forced to play in "tactical mode" due to the general ambiguity of several squares (without tactical mode it's often difficult to tell whether a square blocks LoS, doesn't block LoS, can be moved onto, etc.) and the various obstructions on maps; these problems make it highly difficult to properly visualize the situation at hand, leading to several unintended mistakes. This means that players have to play on grey squares to play the game properly and without frustration, but at the cost of playing a highly dull-looking game. Personally, this makes it really hard for me to "sell" the game to friends as it makes the game look boring and incomplete.
So my question is this: Are there any plans in the future for a graphical overhaul so that we can play on beautiful, vibrant and colorful maps without it severely impeding our gameplay?

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There is a certain disparity between the different characteristics in Dofus.

Vitality offers, through trophies, good stat gains for poor caps along with increased HP.

Intel offers Fire damage and healing.

Chance gives Water damage and prospecting.

Then you have other stats such as:

Strength which offers Earth and Neutral damage along with pods.

Agility which offers Lock, Dodge, and Crits.

Lastly there is Wisdom, offering bonus experience, AP/MP Dodge, and AP/MP Removal.

Within this framework classes, like the Rogue for example, which have an Intel build but no healing lose out on the secondary function of Intel (healing weapons aside).

Are there any intentions of revisiting (such as healing based on different elements), removing (standardized XP gains to help discourage leeching and Wisdom being so important on the gear of certain levels), or redistributing (such as Strength boosting Lock and Agility boosting Dodge) these functions?

Do the secondary effects of an element play a role in how these builds are developed?

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Are there (or will there be) plans to make alignments something worth having besides the wing decoration and being able to use battle shields (i.e. content to suit the people who like to PvM and PvP, minus anything like the pebbles)?

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Would it be possible, and if so, would you consider, removing scrolling from the game to redo the stat caps of the older classes?
The Eniripsa, for example, has a somewhat favorable Str cap but no spells to support it (granted this can be done by giving the Eni Str spells, but many classes suffer from poor caps).

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Regarding crafting professions, could there be a possibility of special spells for having a crafting profession up to lvl 100? It'd give people a little more incentive to have crafting professions besides maging and pods.

Examples would be:

  • Consumable craftsmen getting a heal spell based on x% of the healing item used and can be used every few turns
  • Weapon craftsmen getting damage spells (they can choose what element they want) that has the range of a particular weapon (i.e a lvl 100 Bow Smith gets an attack spell that goes out a couple squares away like the weapon. Range cannot be adjusted, it's 1 time a turn, and it's way weaker than a weapon).
  • The Shield Smith getting a spell to increase resistances (small amount) of her/himself or her/his allies.
  • Handyman can have a utility spell that benefits his or her allies.
  • Equipment craftsmen or craftswomen can have different uses. A Jeweller, for example, can have a spell that puts on a painful looking ring and punches the enemy away. Or a Tailor that can avoid a CC hit (like a torero [matador] in Spanish bullfights). The Shoemaker can make her/himself lighter than air with their boots, either increasing MP or Dodge to self or an ally.
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Since, at times, it is all but impossible for lower ranked players to obtain decent breeding items, one might have a gander at giving depleted ones the ability to take a recharge from a lower-to-midrange handyman. Sort of a one or two time only per item scenario. Wouldn't hurt the breeding item market because there usually isn't anything worth buying anyway.

How many times are we all asked how to make kamas. Rhetorical, not a genuine query. Breeding mounts can be lucrative but the average player soon finds the initial expense prohibitive, and really now, who wants to spend hours gathering the woods and mats, certainly not the current crop of burgeoning adventurers. I know, I know, dofus is a grind game but how much would it hurt, gasp, to bring some joy back into the seemingly never-ending nerf party we've all been enduring for some time. Smallish paddocks are reasonably priced, but it brings a tear to my eye (not really) in seeing them chockablock with rubbish items.

Way past time to stop thinking about how to make dofus more commune-ist and to begin letting the kids have the ways and means for more fun. Remembering of course that at my age anyone under 50 is a kid, so no remonstrations to the contrary please.

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This whole 2013 was marked with PvP upgrades, and I think it's all gone too far and too crossed! with the PvM Dofus.

Question: Why force and push players in PvP despite the large majority of the forum said they do not like PvP, and that it must be an option, not a necessity.
Why so much obsession with forcing players in PvP in the year 2013?

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What is the current focus in terms of class balancing?

The last we heard in 2.10, the Feca and Xelor had some substantial, and rather interesting, changes being tested internally.
There was also a hint of reworking the Sadida poisons along with the Enu's Living Chest still not completely changed.
Players also feel that Feline Spirit is far too risky now with certain changes, such as being more susceptible to Lock.

We understand you may not want to give spoilers, though they are welcome wink , but is there any progress on these or other classes which you are able to discuss?

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A player requested I post this:

Some players feel the Sacrier is at a strong disadvantage in Frigost 3.

Sylargh has many perilous enemies to the Sac such as the zombies, Tinkerbears, which are similar to Thermites in that a Sac can't really engage them, Pingwinch which require non-linear spells,
Kan-O-Mat, and Mecanofouxes.

While the Sac can utilize the glyphs of Klime more effectively than most, enemies such as the Asteraw can easily shut a Sac down with its abilities.
If a Sac engages with a Dumple she is basically tied to it until it is dead. Couple this with the caps on punishment gains and the Sac is rendered immobile and less threatening than a more ranged based player.
The leatherball requires being dealt with from range due to its effects, but the Sac is a range weak character.

Freezz was seemingly designed to be the Sacriers bane. you are limited to Fury and Absorption when confronting her which makes 2 Sacrier builds obsolete in this dungeon.
The Potbellion can cripple the Sac easily and the Stalak is a natural foil to close ranged combatants.

Overall the tank role is mostly moot in Frigost 3, which is the main function of the Sacrier.
When the Sac is countered by monster abilities, it normally feels like a hard counter which leaves the player feeling useless.

While the spell damage buffs were very appreciated, are there any plans for making the Sac more useful in current or future (end game) content?

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We at the Zenith have submitted several reports on various updates, topics, and classes based on the feedback of our community.
How helpful and/or influential have these reports been thus far?
Are there any specific or even general situations where we have had an impact on your development process?

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Alliance vs Alliance has been out for about a month now. Even after the KOTH update it is still clear that on most (not all) servers still have a problem when it comes to AvAing vs other alliances on the server. It's clear that on most of the servers there is one dominating alliance that controls and pretty much holds the most important territories in the entire game. So I personally want to know:

Is Ankama planning on fixing up AvA mode (Possibly removing KOTH and making it prism based like the old days) And if not then will players receive rewards for taking part in Prism fights and/or KOTH? (I think this is a key aspect of the system that needs to be dealt with. People sit down on maps for at least 30 minutes and don't get rewarded for taking part and helping out in KOTH. So a lot of people don't even bother showing up.) If there are rewards that can be worked towards, I'm pretty sure more people within alliances will be more willing to help out.

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Speaking of AvA, is there any plan to prevent the stronger guilds of the server joining in the same alliance? Because if the strong guilds where scattered in many alliances, I feel there would be both more competition, better distribution of the territories between alliances, and more participation of the low level guilds.

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