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Your questions... ANSWERED!

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - September 20, 2013, 18:30:00
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mazuri|2013-10-18 16:46:22
7Benj|2013-09-26 12:18:03
When are you going to ban multi-accounters?
Having more than 1 account should be illegal like in every other game.

I don't get why you want us banned.

I feel that multiaccount should not be allowed and should be given notice to close their alt accounts. This will have many advantages:
  • Leaching will be reduced a little since ppl usually leach their own alts and add more players to improve xp.
  • Low level 0-150 game will have some meaning, u can see in past 5 years slowly half of the dofus world got deserted because all 60+are going frigost and leaching till 150-199
  • More social interaction will be their. People will make better use of dungeon system and recruitment chats, in last 2 years i ve seen that /r chat has become useless since people are just hunting with their own group and noone helping other players. Whats the use if a character has billions in his pocket that he cant evwn use.
  • Resource price will increase since people wont run same dungeon hundreds of times due to many dependencies on other players like same login time and availability. This gives more chance of a player asking people outside his friend list or guild for hunt.
  • Low level items other than goball set or prespic set will be purchased more that is currently not happening
  • People will invite more friends to game to help them increasing community size
  • People will not say that game is crap and quit at low levels because they could not get resources, kamas and group.
  • Low lever resources will come through players more then just through bots
  • Bots will reduce since their mobs (1-150) level will be taken by low level players.
  • Game economy will be more balanced .
  • When new content will be introduced (like frig 3) the content will take time to explore, it wont be just few people running with their army of alts and exploring new dungeons and quests and later on asking other players for kamas just to take them through dungeons.
  • More people will know game stratigies.
There are more good reasons initially it will be tough but it will have good overall results

Try reading the thread before posting.
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i am a lvl 199 masq and i have to admit i hate multi-accounting to. Some players with 8 accs play if Dofus is their job.
They dont care about others, only thing they want is get as much money as possible. They choose their 8th alt
above a guild or alliance member. i tried to multi-acc for a few weeks to. ( Oh man the game is so easy then 5 x lvl 19X in 3 weeks ).
But i had no fun at all. and thats the reason why i quit.

I do understand when multi-acc is not allowed anymore lots of people quit. But i am 100% sure alot
of new players will keep playing. Because now in old servers like Rushu its impossible to become good as solo player.

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Izmar|2013-09-20 18:30:00

Lichen: When I was 4 years old, I asked Santa for a Barbie, I think my parents were a bit saddened (but I still got it!)
With hindsight, I think that Ellen Ripley would be a better image for young girls, we may even think about using her for inspiration for our future female characters in DOFUS.
Does this mean that there are gonna be new characters in dofus in the nearby future?
Or are you talking about new NPC's inspired of Ellen Ripley

P.S. sorry if I made any typo's english is not my best language.happy 
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Why wont you guys fix the Osamoda Summons!?

I just dont get it ! I wont re post my ideas here. But search my name and read my ideas. They are worth the read.
Osamoda is a good class but I feel as though no real effort is being put into Osamodas.
Its sad to see only two types of Osamodas out of (lets say) 300.

Our summons arent reliable enough. They have useless traits. Like Counter and the ability to take MP. What?
The damage is also a huge problem. Gobball has one use in pvp. Tofu has no use past a certain level and Bwork and Tofu require a full buff to be useful, and even then there are better damage options with the amount of AP it takes to full buff them. There is really no point in most our summons.

Execpt Wyrm Crackler and Boar. Its sad to be a summoner on Dofus. I pay to play I stay here for years...Just please fix this problem.
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