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Foggernauts characteristics

By #XingYi#4473 September 03, 2014, 03:47:21

So i know foggers vitality transfers to turrets but does agility? Like if I had a ton of agility will my fogger's turret lock enemies?
-Zane H

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What in the literal F! I was logged in on some random account I've never heard of 0_0.
How in the hell did this happen!?
that was my question but apparently I was logged into an account that I have never EVER used. I don't even know...

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You auto-logged because you used a computer that was last used by another dofus player who did not logged out his account.

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i already posted my reply in the probs and solutions page. But seriously, i need my question answered about agility and turrets

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the turrets cannot lock

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Since this tread is already here...does harpooner benifit from a fog's damage increase

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I think so. As far as I remember (not used my fog in a while), casting Scaphander next to a harpooner gives it double the damage buff. (i.e. it gains the damage you gain, and its own personal damage).

I know it definitely works with power (duoing Fogger and Osa for a while; turrets hit tons XD)

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