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Ideas for chance Foggernauts?

By luf-pie#8118 - SUBSCRIBER - October 15, 2014, 20:01:46

So hey guys!

I was thinking of making a Foggernaut, chance one. Because of the prospect and stuff.

1) Where to invest my points? Go full wis? Vit? Wis/vit? I can scroll wis/cha/vit of course.

2) Mainly kolo/dopples so basicially a little PvM and PvP

3) Any set ideas? Every singel idea is worth! Under 150 please. smile

Ty, ly!

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Ok i have a lv 199 chance fogger tongue and they are quite handy
they have a high softcap so you can put points into cha easilytongue
and the rest you can put into vit for your summons to last longer and yourself
you have no need for wisdom unless you want to level badly since they dont have anything to reap with.
the best you can do is first scroll vit and wisdom
this is btw what i have done with my fogger ( i dont scroll since who has time for that)
200 chance and 640 vit

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I don't have a full set idea, but consider making room for the class belt:

Buoy's Belt (level 130)Ambush's range becomes modifiableEvolution no longer requires a line of sightFroth no longer requires a line of sightIncreases the range of the spell Vapour by 2

It'll sacrifice some HP and damage stats but these bonuses are quite useful for lower level cha and int Foggernauts, who lack ranged damage.

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So i'm going to scroll wis&cha&vit to 101 and then i'm going to invest points in cha (to 200) and rest to vit?

Thank you so much. smile 

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