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Solo play with Fogger

By bladesxhelper#3258 - SUBSCRIBER - December 12, 2014, 18:29:17
Hey guys, I've recently changed to a Fogger and I'm loving them. I've read and seen some screenshots that show how good of a solo class they can be. As I am still learning the class I find solo play and duo with my 19x Panda is a good way to learn without being annoying to others or going against really hard dungeons. I can learn at a steady pace.

My question is what type combos and general tactics are used when solo'ing? I've always played a Sadi/Cra combo so basically MP rickrolldangerisauring and stay at range is all I've ever done. So with no MP watchamacallitstevening I have to learn new ways to keep my targets at the correct distance.

Any tips/tricks/tactics are welcome, from the very basics to more complex.

I am a 200 Pure Int Fogger.

Thank you.
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This is actually the primary problem with Foggernauts. The fact that the turrets will heal/damage whatever is in their range randomly means that you need immaculate map control to be effective by keeping the enemies away from your heal turret and near your damage turret.

You also have to start on a map where there is a distinct separation between the allies and enemies.

If you want to maintain that control you are going to need to team up with a cra & enu or something like that.

Overall most players find foggernaut to be too frustrating to deal with mechanically, and it takes a lot of AP spent on MP reduction to keep the turrets working as intended. This is the primary reason I think why you don't see many high level teams that use a fogger. Foggernaut just aren't in the top eight of effective PvM characters.
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The current endgame content is actually quite friendly to foggernauts. Large enough maps, or maps that allow to create a sort of choke point are somewhat common. I do agree with Mishna though with regards to mp theft being a huge help. Currently I run Fog, Enu, Rogue and am working on a couple other characters to add to this. The mp theft helps a lot for allowing enough time and distance to set up.
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It's usually not necessary to keep all monsters near Harpooner. If you do that, Harpooner probably won't last long anyway. If you plan to fully evolve Harpooner, there are basically 3 factors for deciding where to summon it, and I would rank their importance in this order: how long it can survive, how often it will be able to hit yourself or your allies, and how often it will be able to hit enemies. Once you evolve Harpooner to rank 3, you can use Ambush on two enemies, and it will have enough AP to only use 1 normal attack. So it's more important to ensure allies are not in its range, than to ensure enemies are in its range.

As for keeping monsters away, Foggernauts have Backwash, Froth and Tacturret, and dopple likes to use those pushing spells too. For melee monsters, we can also summon turrets as baits.
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