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thinking of making a fogger ^^ need help deciding

By FrozenWolf#2842 January 18, 2015, 17:29:47

hello, i am thinking of making a fogger, but i am unsure of what element i want to go for.. i will normally be playing with some friends --> an agi/str sram, and a cha/int sadida (also plays an agi rogue some times) .. we normally play pvm, but plan to do kolo later in levels. any suggestions are appreciated ^^. thank you in advance biggrin.

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Intelligence would be quite wise merely by looking at the other characters you often play with. This is because your team lacks heals, a Foggernaut can heal a considerable amount with the spell "first aid" i am talking 300+ with a Soft Oak set and the right trophies. Besides the heals, an Int Foggernaut is very strong at close range and will usually deal ~450 damage per 4 AP ( again in a Soft Oak set). All in all, intelligence is the element to go with as it can heal and at the same time deal a lot of damage ^^

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