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Is 12 AP Worth It?

By BeanyBean#2694 - SUBSCRIBER - February 17, 2015, 10:52:53

Do you think a strength Foggernaut would benefit a lot from 12 AP? I have 11 AP but i could get 12 if i replaced my Inky with Xa's Cloak (I can't afford exos and don't have an Ochre). Do you think it is worth losing damage, resist and vit to get that extra ap?

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Xa cloak is awesome, and opens up new possibilities. Altho, as a overall Utility character you might benefit more of that extra range. And the vitality/resists in combination with your turrets will make you hard to kill.

To answer your question, Yes it's probably worth it. Altho so is the Inky smile get both ? switch between them when you feel like it. That's why we got the awesome custom set button feature.

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I've played Foggernauts enough to know that having 6 MPs is away more important than having 12 APs.
Foggers needs mobility, specially Earth ones, if you want to constantly cast your Trident + Backwash combo.
Also, 11 APs is enough to cast Ambush + Trident + Backwash.
11/6 Foggers can do wonders.

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