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Best Fogger build?

By February 20, 2015, 02:03:11

I was wondering if anyone out there had any advice on what the best build would be for a PVP and PVM Fogger? That's assuming there is one, or do you have to pick one or the other? Are they even good at PVP? Do they suck at PVM? What about group PVM? I know earth does high damage, intel heals, and chance seems to have possibilities but I've barely started this character and would love some help making it awesome before a put points into anything. I heard omni is good, too, but difficult when it comes to finding a set. Also, I'd rather not be a complete support Fogger. I like dealing my fair share of damage but I don't mind healing on the side either. I just don't want healing to be my purpose. Thanks ahead of time for answers!

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Multi-elemental foggernauts are surely the way to go. Their soft-cap alows them to invest points on two elements or more without being wasted.
Cha/Int or Str/Int are equally good, high demage, range and heals. While Str/Cha is pure damage and hitts hella hard with some situational combos.
I personally like Str/Int more. The difference between Str and Cha's damages is that Str does single targeted demage while Cha does AOE but relies too much on the Harpooner.
As Str you can also build pushback damage and hit very high with Trident + Backwash. And to the good thing about it is that you won't rely on your turret to do damages.
In addiction, Str have a awesome interaction with it's Dopple. Because most of the times the Dopple will do pushback damage and that will trigger your Trident damage and make the dopple hits HARD.
Chance, in other hand relies on the the turret of the high damage because it's kit is no versatile as the Str one. You won't always hit Froth because it's hard is low and it's linear. But if you do, well... 2x Froth + Ambush will destroy your enemy. It is a harder build.
And the reason while I like to take Int on every fogger build is because of it's heals.
Being able to heal yourself alot is great on PVP. And I'm not talking about the heal from the Lifesafer only, I'm talking about the Lifesteal from Plifer.
Foggers can get out of the range of the enemy with ease, and once you do it, you'll want to heal yourself as fast as you can, and that's when you're going to hide behind your Lifesaver and cast plifer on it. It makes your a better support on teamfigthts as well. If your team already has enough damage dealers, you can be their healer.

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Thank you so much for answering. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. You've helped me out a lot! biggrin 

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I really liked treadfast+missiz on my fogger (and levitrof+treadfast later on).
Being omni, and the high critical dmg make Ambush crits super sexy =)

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