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I just have a simple question..

By SirTankenstein#3076 - SUBSCRIBER - April 16, 2015, 03:43:22

Okay, hello and how's your day so far smile?

Okay I just have a question. I am an omni foggernaut, that being said why is it people only ask "why is your damage so low???" Obviously when you hybrid you lose raw damage to be able to adapt to certain situations.. I under stand if I was a mono element ( such as strength) I'd do a lot more damage. But if some one would say have 30+% resist to earth then I would be useless. I became omni , not to be powerful, but to he able to adapt, and do well in any situation. So my question to you guys is; should I remain omni, or go mono element. I have never EVER since my first day on dofus been a mono build. I have always been either hybrid with two elements or omni. I worked hard to become omni, but I could also fund a pretty good mono build ( with some guidance). I feel i do pretty decent 1v1 and I do well in 3v3 kolo.. so I'm confronted with this decision, should my fogger be mono build, hybrid, or omni?

(Mono I will he strength or int)
( hybrid will be strength and cha (I like the manipulation))
(And obviously if no one knows, omni is all elements I have to offer)

( btw II'm level 175)
Thanks in advance smile.

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My answer to everything lately has been 'do what you think it is fun'. Omnis are expensive builds, that is why I don't go with them yet, but I assure you if you look for, you'll find a couple of them that hit just as hard as a mono. There is nothing wrong with your omni, you CLEARLY like versatility, so stick with that. Many don't value anything but damage, that is just a iop mindset.

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Thank you, I appreciate the answer smile. I do find omni fun, and yes, it is VERY expensive. But being able to hit 200+ each element I found to be quite useful. Guess I'm not cut out for the "damage..damage...DAMAGE..MORE DAMAGE!!!!" Mind set lol

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Like Hunata said, a lot of people don't appreciate the omni or hybrid builds because they're sole purpose is to just inflict as much damage as possible on the opponent but the versatility of an omni character is truly unparalleled, especially with spells like Rekop on Eca, Glyph of Repulsion on Feca, Ambush for Fogger, etc.

If you enjoy the versatility and are happy to maybe spend more time on fights for the sake of versatility then by all means, go for it.

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I do feel, however, that 190+ omni is way cheaper (proportionally speaking). So if you're a good player (which to be omni I assume you are), I would advice search a guild that goes on hard dungeons where you need a trick to unbuff the boss or something. You'll feel useful, people will think you're a bless and you'll move forward to a better set.

Have fun =)


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Omni (well really tri) fog has a much higher potential in PvM (mobs have varying resists/weaknesses), and in PvP it means that you aren't countered by something as simple as a 26% resist pet.

Add to this that Ambush is arguably a fog's most important attack and hits in all 3 elements and I see no reason to give up the build.

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Well I'm using a set off of the fashionista ( I feel i misspelled that...) and to me I think it gives decent stats, 350+ is all elements 200% dmg, and 3.6k hp ( no over mages) 11ap/5mp ( really would like 6 but have jackanapse :/) so I hit about 190+ with anchor, 190+ periscope, 200+ vapor/surge, then 350+ ambush (buffed with our dmg buff don't remember the name at the moment I hit 430+) and my harpoon er does significant damage as well, but is this decent? Or should I aim for a better set? I am 176 now ( leveling through kolo, and thinking of substituting a sik-t set into my custom for better str/cha dmg) what do you guys think smile? And I like to see some people do like the omni build out there smile and not the raw mind of using 3 spells only , I like mixing it up smile.

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