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Foggernaut tweak

By n0ak#7017 - SUBSCRIBER - April 21, 2015, 03:27:25

I believe that in light of recent class revamps Foggers lost a bit of their edge as a jack of all trades, they've been outrun in what used to be their speciality and frankly their spells seem vanilla compared to what's been introduced not too long ago.

Without further ado, my short list of proposed changes to spells that could enchance foggers verstality and viability without making them overpowered. I'll skip dmg balancing.

First of all, Foggers everywhere would rejoice if turrets looked a bit differently after being evolved.

It would be a fun little addition if it had an effect on the enemies included in the AoE; namely, they'd suffer 20% of the damage inflicted to that turret for 2 turns (including damage transferred to the turret from allies)

Should apply +dodge to the caster for 1 turn, so it would be more useful in positioning

Could be used without LoS, to compensate for low damage and range and help int foggers to stay out of harm's way (as much as 6 range allows)

Foggers final "ultimate" spell; incredibly underwhelming. I think an expansion of its role is warranted. Dreadnaut could be cast on a turret to instantly destroy it and cause an effect in an area dependent on the evo level of the turret.

Evo I - 1 cell AoE (similliar to breakwater)
Evo II - 2 cell AoE (striking)
Evo III - 3 cell AoE

Effects would warry between turrets:
Harpooner -6 range (1 turn)
Tacturret Gravity state (1 turn)
Lifesaver - 1 to duration of effects

These powers would provide a much needed situational verstality that would make Foggers a bit more welcome in trickier fights, at a price of putting one of your quintessential spells on cooldown. I believe this to be a fair trade.

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I really like your Dreadnaut suggestion.

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I think the chance Foggernaut build could use more improvement, but I don't think the class should gain additional abilities like -range, gravity, and unbewitchment. As they are, Foggernauts are very versatile and can contribute significantly in most teams and environments. They can already counter close combat enemies better than many other classes, so adding gravity to their arsenal would be overpowered. Their mobility, healing ability, and turrets as obstacles are already good counters against range attackers. Trident's poison counters most types of damage reduction.

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I agree, but if you'd compare foggers to more updated classes, they are not as verstile as you'd like. Just look at the sadi; filling all the roles we have (and adding few more), but more efficiently (except for mobility).

Also, we can't do those thing with sufficient power without evolving our turrents, which not only takes turns and drains (quite a few) AP, but also becomes our weak point.

And to be honest, there are often times when I run out of verstality in tougher fights, not to mention subpar blitzing potential, which almost all endgame content pushes you towards, be it in more or less straightforward manner.

Finally, all those things you mentioned work wonderfully and are worth using while you're on your own, but in a team, where those roles are filled with classes excelling at them, you just end up being weak and vulnerable while evolving the turret and on equal footing with the others as long as it stays alive. See my point?

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All the things I mentioned I've used mainly in teams. I rarely do solo PvP, and solo PvM is usually not very important (except for certain quests, where both Sadida and Foggernaut should be quite good, but Foggernauts seem to have an easier time).

I have a level 200 Sadida and Foggernaut, although I play Foggernaut much more (both are on my only account so I can't play them together) . In PvP, both can be very nice additions to teams. Foggernauts have slightly faster pace and higher single target damage/healing/enabling potential and map manipulation ability, while Sadidas have unbewitchment and better multi-target damage/disabling abilities. There is some overlap, but I wouldn't say one class is better than the other.

In PvM, perhaps neither of these classes are popular yet. People still seem to prefer more straight-forward and specialized classes.

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i think breakwater is fine the way it is but id like to see dreadnaught do something only ever use it when your like oh your gonna get hit once by like 500dmg woops 2ap wait 8 turns id like to see it be a big attack like masqs 200 spell or like you said meatplanter make it blow something up and do aoe dmg it really needs to be tweaked

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I think they could add some extra damage or take off the CAC restrictions on their spells..

And I also believe our buff spell could be a little bit better.

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i think these tweaks sound awesome and yes drednaut is uber pointless other than to prevent an enemy from being healed by life so yea it needs a slight change up smile 

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