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Foggernaut item builds

By IsleyLane#5824 April 21, 2015, 18:36:45

Hello everyone, im getting back into dofus and am looking for yall's help on my item builds im currently a lvl 78 foggernaut focusing on strength i have a royal gobbal set that give me 280 strentgth and 380 vit and i also have a gelano with 135 vit , i have scrolled health, wis, int, chance, and strength. this is where im stuck though i dont know whats next i understand it will be awhile before i need another set but i like to plan things out, i have looked into terradala but im not in an alliance so i couldnt use the shield to complete the set.

Please leave comments with what sets yall are using and at what levels and provide any other tips/ tricks for me.

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Royal Pippin Blop Set is a nice set at level 80. You can use it until level 114 then replace it with Ancestral Treechnid Set. Get a nice Moowolf Set at 143 and use it until 190+ smile 

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