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Considering changing to Foggernaut

By chaotichazz#4951 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 11, 2015, 18:17:17

So I currently have an almost lvl 170 Str/Int Sram and it's been fun but I feel like I'm in need for a change if direction. Since I've already got a great set, I'd like to keep with my Str/Int set up, but before I take the plunge and change classes, I have a few questions.

1. Considering I'm, for the most part, a single-accounter, is a Str/Int Foggernaut good in solo play?
2. What would be a good AP/MP layout? With my current set I can get 10/5 but only with Kwyness. That is unless I take out my Notwithstand and put in a Gelano.
3. If I change classes, will my Additional Characteristic points disappear? I've fully scrolled Str, Int, Vit and half of Wis already and don't exactly want to re-do all that again.


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I don't know how to answer the first 2 questions as I've never played a fogger myself but in terms of additional points, they are permanently locked in on your character. Not only will they not disappear you won't be able to reallocate them even if you wanted to.

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Change to foggernaut PLZ!

Is an amazing class, I'd reccomend you to try multi element, It might be alot more expensive but this class definitely can go as a solo accounter with no problemsm I'm solo accounter too, and I'm still able to do alot of things alone.

Nice in koli and also nice in Pvp.

Hope to see you as Fog,

Bye biggrin 

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I was wondering if you knew anything about the qualities of a STR Frogger Willy. Would greatly appreciat the advice.

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